India Tour

I’m thinking of doing this tour and was wondering if any of you out there have given serious thought to it. Riding with Ken Looi is such an interesting idea instead of watching him fly past me during the Lobster.


I wish we could go, but we are going to Africa next year, and can’t afford both trips, and a wedding.


I am giving serious thought to this tour. Still trying to figure out if I can afford the money and the training time. Sounds like a superb adventure, though.

My job is kind of in limbo at the moment, so can’t afford to commit myself to this just yet, but as long as I have something sorted out by the time registration opens I will certainly be there.


Hi guys,

Thanks for the interest. The entry basically covers mosts costs once you get to India. So support vehicles (there are several), guides and support crew, most meals, all accomodation is paid for. All you have to do is turn up and ride! Like Ride the Lobster without busting your lungs.

There will probably not be another Unitour from me in 2010, as we are planning the Jungle MUni Festival in Thailand, as well as Unicon 15. After that it’s either China or Mongolia in 2011, and Iceland in 2012. I haven’t really thought that far ahead yet.

Email me your contact details (ken.looi at, and I can put you on the mailing list.



The Iceland idea is very exciting!

I’m planning on going on this one. The Laos tour was awesome and very well organized.

You guys never tought about Brazil?

The bike shop that sponsored me in the past (Bike Trials), always receive MTB guys from USA and Europe to train here.

I will try to find some materials about Bike excursions here. Some companies just organize this adventures, and maybe they will be intersted in organizing something for unicyclists.

Some cool places to ride (in my opinion):
Rio de Janeiro
Foz do Iguaçu
São Paulo

MTB Trail Guide in Brazil
Small routes in the principal cities

I think that acomodation and food in Brazil is cheaper than in Africa or China.


Was gonna give thought to India. But thailand sounds AWESOME (and near) so uhm hmm…

Save for both!

I’m saving mine for next Unicon and Thailand.

I’ve been to this part of India way back in 1994. It might be a bit more crowded now but it’s a wonderful place to visit. Darjeeling is beautiful- lots of tea estates and history. If you’re into climbing, India’s first climbing school is there along with a mountaineering museum (that was the highlight of my trip and probably started my love for adventure and the outdoors). You can see the sunrise at Tiger Hill, with all the snow capped Himalayan peaks rising above the clouds. Sikkim is amazing. Altitude might get you but the views of Kangchenjunga (3rd tallest mountain are spectacular). The people are very friendly too.

Most tourists would probably do Delhi, Agra,Rajastan or Goa- all of which you may want to see if this is your first trip to India. But the riding and scenery on this tour is going to be spectacular.

I’m not going to be on this tour. When Ken mentioned India, the first thing that popped into my head was ‘I aint gonna pay a white man (:)) American dollars to see my own country’, with all due respect to Jason (who is a bloody good guy and guide). But I must admit when I heard that the tour was going to be in the north-east, I had second thoughts…I always wanted to go back there. I still may not tour as it is in the middle of my semester at uni but if you have the cash and a unicycle, I’d say pay up and start training :slight_smile:

Oh!And riding with guys like Ken and all the others, and putting real faces and personalities to names you see on the forums is a great experience. Unicyclists are the nicest bunch of people…


I’m guessing this is a spam post, but thanks for pinging this thread.

We still have room for more riders on the Induni tour:

We need to confirm numbers very soon though, so if anyone is keen on this tour then get in touch with me now. I’m taking a break from organising anything after this, so probably will be the last AU tour in a while.