Independence Pass, Colorado

Fall is here in the High Country of Colorado. Colors are spectacular, and vibrant with the underbrush going off, Aspen tree’s beginning to make their change to gold as well.
I spent the day on Independence Pass, both hiking and unicycling. Rode up the west side to the summit, down the east side, back to the summit again and then down the west to the truck. Busy day on the road with vehicles, but went for it anyway. The days to ride up high are getting limited now, with snow any day now.
Here are a bunch of pictures from my day of climbing and descending Independence Pass. Enjoy and get out and ride. :slight_smile:

this pic is looking at the “top cut”, final switchback as it traverses the slope from left to right. this is after 12 or so miles and 3,500’ of climbing. only 600’ of climbing to go.

this pic is looking down to approximately where the 1st pic was taken. beaver ponds below damn up the headwaters of the roaring fork river

this pic on on the east side of the pass now, looking down into the headwaters of Lake Creek, and La Plata Peak in the background, a 14er

this pic is taken from the summit looking at the last switchback on the east approach to the summit

and finally the obligatory pic at the summit, which for me yesterday was done twice:) Peace

Sweet! That is route I’d love to ride one day. I was in Twin Lakes a couple weeks ago doing Mt. Elbert and helping pace a few buddies at the Leadville Trail 100 footrace. Gorgeous area! I’m looking at doing a full day epic on the Alpine Loop sometime next June after Engineer and Cinnamon Passes are open (and I get out to Lake City!). Think about it.

I rode up a hill in the dark tonight, no views, just climbing and car lights.

Great pics!

Woo Hoo…Looks like FALL up there!
Trees are turning.