Independence Pass, Co.

I usually post pics on pics thread, but Independence Pass right now is surreal. Opened yesterday to cars, on schedule. CDOT had to contend with 25+ foot walls of snow. I have been up there the last two days, it is just to amazing not to spend time up high now. 300% of average snowpack, most ever recorded this time of year, Aspen Mtn. ski area is reopening this weekend with a deeper base than January 28th.It is so awesome to ride in so much snow in May/June. Colorado riders, come and get some before it melts. I will post a few pics, sorry for so many, but if you like snow and high elevation, this place is the mecca. Skiing, kitesking, snowboarding, and unicycling are the sports I saw taking place the last two days. Happy Memorial Day weekend, get out and ride.
4000’ climb that tops out at 12,095’- 1,220 meters at 3,687 meters high

Geissler Mtn. was 2nd pic 4055 meters, 13,301’ I will possibly ski it tomorrow

adventure on the continental divide, pure climbing

Wow, awesome.

Yeah. Wow.

The annual late spring drool-fest of pictures from AspenMike riding the high passes…one of the few remaining reasons I tune in. :slight_smile:

This looks incredible!!

You post the most amazing pictures Mike…

Stop making me miss Colorado even more! Awesome pics.

Thanks Tom
Todays ride on Independence Pass, had the kids drop me off, almost to Twin Lakes, on their way to Boulder. Nice 3 hour 30 mile ride up and over the East side of the Pass and Continental Divide, back to my doorstep. Lots of snow avalanching onto the roadway, small sluffs, but enough to make travel limited to 1 lane only. High winds all day, which made for some sketchy riding on exposed areas. I am so grateful to have this as my “backyard”.


Wow, awesome pics. Just returned from epic Memorial weekend skiing weekend at A-Basin. Small slide hit the road right in front of me on Loveland pass. Many bikers. Looked like great riding potential for uni – about 6% grade. Truly beautiful country…