Independance Pass, Co. 12,095'

This was taken on the first day of the Bicycle Tour of Colorado, a 7 day event. I hooked up with the tour for this day only, it was there first and they started in Snowmass Village. I was just doing my sunday am training ride, when all of a sudden on the road there were hundreds of bicyclist. It was really fun to ride Independance Pass with that many bicyclist, the most I have ever encountered. My airseat flatted on the climb up. I decided to tough it out and fix it at the top.I must have passed 80% of the riders that day. The picture is near the summit. Cheers.

From my house:
22 miles, 36 kilometers
Bottom of Pass to Top of Pass
14 miles, 22 kilometers
Summit elevation 12,095’, 3687 meters above sea level
5,600’ of climbing, 1,707 meters
1:45 of climbing up pass
2:45 total time to summit from my house
2:30 back to house from summit
Fun meter: always a 10
Difficulty: Very Difficult, extreme when weather turns bad

I drove up that in a car one day, I was exhausted at the top!! Nice work Mike!

As ever, I am in awe of your prowess. :astonished: :slight_smile:

Nice color coordination
(need red and blue shoes :smiley: )

Awesome ride, Mike. You’re as ready as one can be for the big kahuna, Mt. Wash!


Mike, you are such a stud!


I will look for some, do you know of any? You seem to be very colorful.

Thank you, but I am just fortunate to ride in the high country of Colorado. Plus, like you Mike, I like to just RIDE.

I hope so, that 22% grade at the top looks sic.

Tommy, you are too, you animal.