Incredible night at the club last night.

You’ll know that G.U.S. dovetails quite nicely with the ‘Balls Up!’ Juggling Club.
Last night was pretty uni-centric tho.
It was incredible looking up and seeing 5 people in various stages of learning.
That’s one whole new UniHoki team!

Big thanx to Alan who’s been doing yeoman’s work in advancing unicycling in South Africa, it’s beginning to pay off.

There’s going to be more of us and less of them. :slight_smile:

Good job on the recruitment. Sometimes that can be the hardest part to keeping a local club viable.

that’s pretty sweet. At my circus arts club, while I’m great friends with all of them (as evidenced by my hangover this morning), I’m the only ‘serious’ unicyclist there. It’s always very cool to see new people learning, and be able to give them a hand.

I forgot to mention the two young gents from Pretoria who are starting a club at their school.