Incredible BMX vid

i dont care if they hav 2 wheels! this is friggin crazy riding/filming/editing!!!

my new inspiration!!

Awesome, but their crashes are so much worse!

Cool. That sort of BMX riding is always impressive to watch. Quite high potential for carnage though, like btc said.


Nice find Isaac, that is one sweet video!

This vid makes me want to go pump up the tires on the old dyno and go out and ride. I don’t think I could handle the falls like I did 10 years ago though.

Pfffff, easily!!! I know I’m even older;)

I thought it was pretty lame …

The editing at the start was nice tho.

Yeah… +1 The riding wasn’t all that great. I stopped watching it half way through.

Maybe it was because I watched Danny MacAskill right before though…

edit: Nike 6.0’s “Writing on the Wall” is so much better IMO.

sick video. i was going to do a similar intro for my next video.

My quad!!!

For those who enjoyed the video (I haven’t watched yet it’s loading) search “federal bmx” they are very impressive riders and they do lots of travelling to ride like some of us do.