[Increasingly OT] Re: Aardvark on DVD

> Australians tell me that Marmite is an inedible imitation of Vegemite.

Hmmm… interesting. We’ll need to acquire some Oz Vegemite for
a taste test against UK Marmite.

> equivalent to drinking one too many Guinesses … you’ll rue it the next
> day… (say no more! Sludge, sludge!)

Speaking as a there-is-no-tomorrow Guiness drinker, I have no idea what
you mean. Please define “one too many” in this context. :-). Mind you,
with balance like mine, more than one is usually one too many for riding
a unicycle…

Arnold the Aardvark

All right, maybe “one too many” was a poor choice of words… no reference to intoxication was intended.

Let me rephrase it in the way a Welsh friend warned about Guinness:
“Drink too much and the next day your shit is like treacle*.”

Again, “too much” is a relative term. Your mileage may vary.

  • “treacle” = molasses (sort of)

“inedible imitation of Vegemite”?

Any imitation worth it’s salt (and I mean a LOT of salt) would have to be because in my opinion Vetemite is all but inedible :wink: