Incheon Marathon (South Korea)

I’m a bit late mentioning this but the annual Incheon Marathon is on June 22. Entries close on Sunday 15th…
Both a Full and Half course are available. So far we have 54 entrants.
For help entering pm me, Brownsugar or get in touch with Seo SangMan(George) at the Juggling Shop in Seoul.

Seem to be lots of Elementary/Middle School students on 36ers too! I’m going to look even slower than ever :o



A great time

The Incheon Marathohn was held yesterday. We had over twice as many entrants as last year, at least 103! Both Full and Half course races were held. The weather was fine after overnight rain and pleasant at the 8 o’clock start but it did start to get quite hot by 11 o’clock. However there was a light breeze which helped us keep cool as the day progressed.
There were 54 Full course riders, including 11 elementary aged riders. There were 45 Half course riders, 24 being elementary age. We started in large groups this year, I wasn’t paying much attention to how the Full course was organised but the Half had the older riders start first and the elementary kids start second.
I had a hard day (excuse list as long as my arm :stuck_out_tongue: starting with mounting problems… nothing like feeling stupid in front of all the juniors! I think the first bunch of kids raced past before I got three km down the track :roll_eyes: I did see 10 year old Lee DaHun on his Nightrider for a while but he eventually disappeared into the distance leaving me behind. Another large group arrived at the turn while I was having something to eat. And they then left me well behind. I hadn’t got 15 km before the Full course ghuys started lapping me, at least I knew what to expect this year. I found it quite scary last year as they are so silent. However I almost upd’ed when Kim WuiCheol(half), who had stopped for a rest caught up and said hello :smiley: For the last few kms I was chasing Choi SeoEe, who I could see in the distance, I almost caught up with her by the finish.
After lunch we held a prizegiving for the winners and lucky prizes which are always fun. As always, many thanks to the many people who organised and supported the riders on the day.

I’m already looking forward to next year.


2016 Incheon Marathon

just posting a note that this year’s Incheon marathon will be held on the 22nd May, at the usual location under the GyeYang bridge.

Full course and Half course.
Start time is 8:00 am.

pm me or George at the Juggling shop if you need help entering.

Official notice (assuming you can access the Korean website) for those who want to practice their Korean :wink:



Very nice pics-- congratulations!

Awesome, I wish I could join you but I am all the way in NY, it would be nice to uni in my home country of South Korea!

Incheon Marathon 2016

Finally got around to writing up this year’s Incheon Marathon held on May 22nd…
We had a good day with a gentle breeze and not too hot. There were 104 entrants in total, of whom 30 odd were school students.

This year’s course was different to previous years, we went down the Arabet Bike road five km and then returned through the start and on up the road for appox 5km. This meant that riders weren’t much more than 5km from a possible resting place! I liked this layout :slight_smile:

The fast people went fast as usual, Kim GyeongSu won the Full course with a time of 1:41:36, the first four Full course finishers lapped yours truly… Actually only 3 of the Full course adult riders finished outside 3 hours! Kim GiSuk won the ladies race in 2:20:40. Kim HaeRyong decided the Full course wasn’t hard enough so he rode it on a 29" fatty!
Among the students in the Full course, there were 5 middle/high school students all on 36" wheels and 6 elementary students, five on 36ers and one on a 29er. Shin HyeonGu won the middle/high school race in 2:06:52. Kim JunHyeong won the elementary race only 2 seconds ahead of Kim MinSeo!

I had a good day in the circumstances, I had only had one 45 minute ride before the race as I had been running the previous weekend, so there were no expectations of a good Half course time… It’s a flat course and with no wind to speak of so it was pleasant day for a ride :slight_smile: I was able to race Kim UiChul most of the way around the course, but he was able to stop for a banana at the second turn and called out to me to “Take it easy”! I didn’t stop and hoped I would get in before him. I saw all the Full course front runners coming up on their way to the turn so I was startled out of my wits as they all zipped past a few minutes later. (The problem with unicycles is that they don’t make any noise, I never hear them coming from behind!) In spite of my efforts UiChul past me a hundred meters before the finish, so we ended up with 1:39:11 and 1:39:13. Still that’s the first time I’ve got under 1:40 for the Half so I was pleased.

Jo JangGwan did a photo shoot of a lot of the seat/handlebar set-ups. I can’t help notice that a lot of the seat stems seem to be cut down… My seat sticks out a long way, but then it is a 29er.
I will try to add some photos tomorrow.

Incheon Marathon 2016

Here are some photos, hopefully sized to fit…

Thanks for posting photos and event details. Looks like every one had fun. It’s amazing to see young riders on big wheels. Was the seat tube cut to lower the seat?

Seems like a nice place to ride and a perfect weather too.

Thanks for sharing the details and pics. Good to hear & see places we don’t see/hear about that often :slight_smile:

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting them. That looks like a terrific event.