Inability return.

I was very happy to be able to freemount my 20" 8 out of 10 and the bigger unis up to 28" with , progresively to the wheel size ,
decreasing succes but still managing.
My ability to handle bigger bikes up to 28" (this one with very narrow tyre only) is getting better and better.
Unfortunately I have lost ability to free mount almost completely.
The body is missing distant pedal with idyotic regularity.
No other signs of senility have been noticed so far.
PLEASE ADVICE :thinking:


Learn to idle and ride backwards. By the time you can, your freemounts will be back to 99%.

Also, read the many other threads on mounting. Use the search tool, which is really handy.

Re: Inability return.

Thank you John. I will follow the adwice. I felt a bit lost. I am not now. :smiley: