in your opinion what is better

I want to know what is best for stairs and hops ect. and a little bit of dirt but not alot in your opinion out of the few below. And tell me what you personally think about each one and if its worth the cost.

1.Nimbus 20-inch Freestyle Long Neck with Kovachi Wheel. Price: $267.00

2.Yuni 20-inch Freestyle 36-spoke. Price: $239.00

3.Nimbus II 20-inch Red Unicycle. Price: $147.00

4.Nimbus 20-inch Hookworm Freestyle. Price: $282.00

One of these will be my next unicycle and I want your opinion on which one will be the stongest and withsatnd the most and lightest ect. thanks:D

ALSO in your opinion can you hop higher with a skinny tire or a trial type tire?

Torker DX
150 USD

that’s 250 btw.

The unicycles you mentioned were all freestyle unicycles. For jumping, stairs and dirt you probably want a muni or a trials unicycle. The 20’’ or 24’’ torker dx is a great option for250$

well basically wot do u want to do with ur uni?

in my opinion. your not a person who should take up the sport

im looking to do stairs and stuff like that and Drumcorpsfan ive been unicycleing for about 6 months now. i want to upgrade because i only have a sun thats ok but i want something better if u kno what i mean.

can you plz give me a site that sells the 20" DX plz

hey wouldnt the nimbus to be good like the dx or at least close enough im not gonna be goin off any 4 foots or any thing big im just learning how to get up and get back down:p . i think i might just go wit the nimbus 2 because its the cheapest wat do you think

which nimbus? t

the nimbus ll $147

what’s got your panties in a knot? it’s jerks like you that make this forum a hard place to ask questions.

thanks gordito8me i was about to say the same thing :smiley:

OK IVE decided that im gonna go with the nimbus II becasue it is under $200 and if you think i should get a better one that is under $200 let me know NOW!!!

Doh! smacks forehead
i knew that…just for some reason i wrote 150. hm

you will be much happier if you just spring for the extra money for the dx. look on ebay, you can find them for around 225. That uni is not build for hops and drops, it is made for freestyle. Apparently it is a nice freestyle uni, but it is not made for what you want to do. Its non splined hub and alloy rim will not stand up to what you want to do.

lol no worries it’s an easy mistake to make.

I think that’s a fine option. If you find yourself in need of a stronger hub/crankset then get the kh moments or the koxx-one set depending on where you live and if you like q-factor or not.


get a trials uni. You obviously want to do trials type riding, so get a trials uni.

like, Torker DX, nimbus hoppley, onza, kh 20

dont get a freetyle uni.

I thought the nimbus 2 was a trials unicyle?


I was under the impression that it was the freestyle uni with the blue/ red seat and rim.

lemme check.

I was right.

hahahahah that sounds like a comment id make! i like you already. but yea as for the unicycles dont get a torker dx i have one and i dont like it, its heavy and it came in black(i hate that color hahahahahaha). id like to try some sort of nimbus. just buy something thats looks cool, and will probably break soon so you can buy new stuff sooner!

too late i put in my order for the nimbus 2 but no worries i wont be doing big things for a while and who knows i might learn some freestyle this year:D