"In Unison" debut!

It’s been more than a week now since the 9/4/10 debut of Joey Neigh’s (joejumpsforfun) documentary, “In Unison”, and I, as well as many, have been hoping and waiting to hear all the details about it from Joey. I’m also hoping he will now be making it available to all, asap! If anyone here was there and saw the debut in person, tell us all about it! :smiley:

I did find this really cool ad for it:

It is great and inspiring!

I missed the first 10 minutes, but enjoyed the interviews and riding. Want to see it again.

Cool! Do you know the actual length of the doc? I think Joey said it would be around 20 minutes or less. Was the “History of unicycling” included? He also said that he might make that a separate thing, and wasn’t sure if it would be in the final debut version. I sure wish I could have been there! :frowning:

It was a cool video, I don’t know how long it ran, and the "History of unicycling may have been in the beginning part that I missed. He did mention that what we saw may not be the final version.

Hey, Terry, did you notice your name in that ad?

I can’t wait to see the final movie!

Haha, I do now! It’s pretty small type so I had to hit control+ a few times! (I probably should get some reading glasses!) :o I was trying to read the street sign, but couldn’t make it out.

Terry’s in the video???

hehe, yeah, I remember Terry in the video, seem to remember two segments. They are worthy. Nice going Terry.