In to in treyflip tutorial

In-In Treyflip Tutorial
Hey, this is my tutorial on what I think is one of the most fun tricks to land. In to In Treyflip.

Most people will tell you that you should know how to trey before attempting in-in treys. I say otherwise. Really, if you know how to outflip, these should not be so hard. Just work on getting, outflips down. Once you have them consistent, try to get them higher and higher. The higher you learn to jump, the better. When you are doing the outflips, practice reaching down with your non spinning hand and grabbing the seat as it comes around for the landing. This will get you ready to begin practicing your fulloutflips/in-in treys. Another thing that may help you is learning in-in 3 spins (although I never bothered). Now for the actual trick.

With your hand on the side of the saddle, palm facing the direction of the spin, ride forward at a brisk pace. Not too fast, not too slow. I usually tend to go slightly faster than usual when busting in-in treys. When you feel comfortable with your speed, and are ready to hit the trick, begin leaning over the front of the unicycle. When you kick the cranks, your cranks/pedals should not be completely horizontal. Your kicking foot should be slightly higher to help get the flip necessary to hit this trick. Compress your tire. NOT FULLY. This will help you get the spin. Jump high. When you have spun the unicycle the first 180 degrees, reach down and grab the seat with your free hand. Keep an eye on the cranks as you do this; begin to spot your landing. Finish the second 180 and STAY OVER THE UNICYCLE. You will probably land just as you left, and be able to ride out easily. This trick is amazingly fun, and opens some new doors for street tricks. Fullvarialflips, in-in treydoubles and other tricks await.
• Hand on side of seat, palm facing to the direction of the spin.
• Riding forward at a brisk pace.
• Lean forward, and begin to prepare yourself for the trick.
• Kick the cranks with your kicking foot slightly higher than your back foot.
• Compress the tire SLIGHTLY and jump high!
• Transfer the seat after the first 180 and spot the cranks.
• Land and ride away.

Hints and Tips:::::
• Don’t compress the tire too much.

Kevin Mcmullin i see lol… thats not 100% true, i landed that 7 set and hurt my ankle

nice tutorial though should give people a lot of help just gotta grow a set

obviously, he’s the man. wouldn’t it have been worse if you hadn’t landed it?

thanks, that’s the main point. staying over it.

Yeah, I learned these before normal treflips, but I also learned them 1 handed.

May I perhaps add on that your hand should be on the side of your seat so that only your pinky and the ring finger should be touching the handle, and the rest on the side of your seat. It helps a lot with the spin.(I realize you mentioned that you need to grab the side of the seat, but I’m just clarifying how much.)

see I kinda left that out, because I feel that it is personal preferences. While you have two fingers on the handle, I have absolutely no contact with it whatsoever. All five fingers are on the same side.

Thanks for this. I just learned in-in 3spins 1 handed, outflips and Treyflips.

I need to do my outflips with both hands though because I flip and outspin with different hands. Should I learn to outflip with 1 hand before I try these? And if yes then should I try in-ins 1 or 2 handed?

Do whatever you feel is right :wink:

He IS the man

First, continue doing outflips twohanded. When you get the in-in treys, you want to reach down and grab the seat as it comes around to finish it. If you don’t understand, I’m getting my computer back tomorrow, I could probably post a video when my MRSA clears up.

thanks for that tutorial i’m gonna try them now:D

be sure to tell me if it helped at all:)

yes i’ll post it if i land one

In to ins look Best when they are done holding the handle and not the side of the seat. (Just my opinion)

Where is the tutorial for kids who have to do this trick in their blind direction? hmmf, haha.

I think they look best with hand on handle too, but this is just a tutorial to get people to land them. They don’t have to be the nicest looking things, the niceness comes with practice.

I can’t see how the tutorial would differ if I was teaching people who spin toward their blind direction?

No no. Just online at the same time. I could have let go of a couple more opinions. However those have more to do with what defines a tutorial, and how to accomplish an effective one.

Dont take my posts the wrong way. I got nothing but respect for you, you obviously understand the techniques needed to preform some dope tricks. Even as new to the forums as well as the sport as you are, you feel the need to give(?) to the community here. Just watch your step, tread lightly, you know? For example. I would be super impressed if you held onto all your clips of new tricks you landed over the past few months and made one nice video. Id be like WHO THE F IS THIS KID.

Because you have felt the need to give (or is it brag?) to the community minutes after laerning a new trick in, what seems to be no time… we all know who you are. You are killing tricks, that take most of us months if not years (if we ever land them) like its shooting fish in a barrel.

My point is you got a lot to offer, and I am sure that will soon be alot more. Its just not the most appealing trait to feel the need to make a write up on a tirck that, to be honest, I cant trust how well you actually know it. This is not an insult. What I am saying is that a year from now you will be able to talk much more in depth about the trick.

love and respect

EDIT: as for the trick being different for blind spinners. The issue is: If I spin to the left and outflip to the right, I cant just swiftly go from outflips to treys. Since my 3 spins are done in the other direction all the muscle memory and such is in the other hand and arm. For anyone that is learning in to in tricks in there hard blind direction is basically going to need to re-learn 3 spins in the other direction. My point is that a progression based lesson/tutorial is much more effective as both types of riders have a place to start that will lead to the same finale product.

I can outflip but I can not in to in trey. Being able to outflip is not the only qualification I need for this trick I also need to be able to land 3 spins in my blind direction.

I see. Thanks for clearing it up I guess.

What did you landed first Eli? Treys or In-In treys?

Treys, but in-in is much much easier for me now.