In this day in age... Unite the style!

It is true. In this day in age there are many styles of riding. Street ,trials, flat, muni, freestyle, and the list goes on. The videos that seem to be most popular these days are the ones that combine difrent styles in to one unique signature “feel”. This thred is for the people that are seasoned riders in one kind of riding, but are looking into others to expand their repertoire of awesomness. For instance, if you can jump 150cm. as a trials rider, but really think it would be cool to grind some sirious handrails, this is the place for you.

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I do some trials and ride some street and do some flat!

well theres 2 ways you can do it,you can mix street into trials or you can mix trials into street.I like trials more so im gonna put street into trials

Or you can throw muni into street… or street into muni :astonished:

“new” style MUni:

Nattie-trials mon! Stylin on dem trails, mon. Usin’ rocks & logs for doin’ trials on trails. Doncha know?

(Not that I can … yet.)

I mixed MUni into street!

Nice! I’m happy to see some people found this! I’m liking the whole muni/street thing like Jacob and Knoxuni! I’m thinking about getting a 24 street uni…
Right now I’m working on street alot. My pure trials videos were getting boring. I’ll post my next video to show my progress soon. :smiley:

I though street was the combination of flatland and trials?

street into muni is slopestyle i say. I think there can be a lot more done on bigger wheels. Its easier to roll over things so all they sketchy stuff that couldnt be done on the 20 is now possible :wink:

36er muni!!!

street 36er or flat 36er :smiley:

on a side note 26in street is alot more fun than 19in. I am going to find a narrower tire i can use for street and muni so i dont half to change all the time :slight_smile:

Do you mean in general? Or just in muni/street? Because there are quite a few people out there that make 19in. riding extremely clean. Pohams are just one example…

Well riding muni with a 20 is kinda silly, unless its like doing trials outside. With street and I think big wheel street has A LOT of potential. At NAUCC I believe one of the riders that came in 2nd with overall trials was Daniel and he rides a 24inch, I seen Max doing some high hops up onto a 125cm stack with the 24 as well. I think if more street riders became familiar with the bigger wheel there can be a lot more done. Not only with street but also with downhill riding. When I ride muni now I can add my own personal flare with the stuff I do. The bigger wheel use to control me but now I can control it and make it do what I want.

The main thing is to ride what you want, don’t let anyone tell you what is right or wrong because thats not how original ideas come to be.

Artur Richard and Spencer’s flatland with some freestyley scuffing mixed in is truly beautiful. It’s like BMX flat, which is awesome to watch.

That’s right! I forgot about that! I thought he came in 3rd though, right behind Mike…
I Totally agree with you on the big weel+street thing, it does have to be “big” street though…

Anyway, This video has a lot of my street progress in it.

I really need to get the whole rolling into rails thing down still, but I think it’s really nice to have some stuff other than trials in there…

Yeah i got 3rd overall trials because i forgot there was a 2nd section in the finals and id already used all my energy up.I got 2nd in main trials by along way though.You can do more trials stuff on a 24 but it looks 10x more rediculous :stuck_out_tongue: