In the news paper.

On Monday I was up at Lee Webb’s (A.K.A. Leeman180) house, we rode around downtown Camden and a guy from the news paper took our pictures and interviewed us. There is a picture and subtitle on the site, and a longer article type thing in the actual paper. Crazylegs is going to scan the article once he gets it, thanks (you should have skipped lacrosse to ride with us, haha).

Here is the site with the picture
Casey told me the title of the article is: “Unicycling is not just for clowns”

The guy did get some action shots but I dont think he put them in because I dont think we were soposta be jumping off the stone walls at the library

Thats fricking awsome! I really like the quote “unicycling not just for clowns” Damn right its not just for clowns.

Thanks for sharing! Congrads! I like the title.

It’s awesome that we (KcTheAcy & I) made front page of the paper. I think it would’ve been cool had the reporter left in the action shots of us doing “stunts” to let the public know what unicycling is all about. But it’s probably better not to majorly publicize that we were riding in the library amphitheater, which is soo illegal.

I just got it scanned up so here it is:


Thanks for scaning it Lee

Now this is good news! Congrats on the great PR; you’re hired! Did you send this clipping to They might owe you some advertising kickbacks :slight_smile:

I read a recent article in my campus news rag to the same effect, but the damn author had to put his/her own “personal impression” in the story. It came off as if uni riders are the next generation of “new-age hippies”. Humph.

If only we could get a measure through Congress declaring “unicycles are not just for clowns”… perhaps there will be one day where we can ride without fear of impending calliope music.