In the giving mood....

so I bought myself something :smiley:

Well seeming as you’re in a giving mood. Can i have it then???

Nah, just kidding. Nice unicycle my friend. :smiley:

O, the trickery. :angry: If you feel a little more giving you could give me one as well.:smiley: I’d be happy,O so happy…


You didn’t buy the new 2008 version?

well, it has the new pedals on it…

can you really tell that much of a difference?

Might be a 2008, I can’t really tell but for the price I got it for I didn’t care which year it is!

would you mind telling us what you paid for it???

$340 shipped…I thought it was a typo but sure enough they sent it!

Anyone want a KH 29’er for only $415 shipped? I don’t even want a 29’er and it’s tempting me :slight_smile:

Must not buy another unicyle…

but the price may go up?

don’t miss this opportunity
[EDIT] sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a 2007 Onza with an undrilled hub(which I just got new cranks for) though.

but it’s an amazing offer

I can see why it’s cheap. Because they’re not selling any. I spent 5 minutes on that website and can’t figure out how to get to the unicycles, other than going to the direct page link that you posted. How did you ever find it?

Pretty much a Nimbus is only 50 dollars cheaper and I like the KH seat more and the KH cranks are better.

and the frame is 200 like wow

that’s weird TELL us the secret zod or else…


Feathery curses upon Merlin’s Pants!!
That’s disappointing…also, it says my cart is empty when I try to check out!
I even tried to order some disc brakes as a test!

I’m a master at finding deals…what can I say. :slight_smile:

Hobo_chuck, I don’t know why you’re having problems with their site…works just fine for me. I ordered on a tuesday and it was at my house on a thursday. I would order from them again.