In search of 24" Muni rim

Hello folks,

I put a nasty flat spot in my KH 24" rim a while back and it’s time to rebuild.

So whatcha got? I’ll gladly take a KH rim again, or does anyone know where to find a cheap 24" Airfoil rim these days? Should I just suck up the weight difference and get a Nimbus rim?

Thanks for reading!

you can find cheap 24inch rims if you look hard enough for them, the bike world doesnt seem to make many 24inch rims and the ones out there are pretty cheap luckily.

Personally i wouldnt get a KH rim because its so weak, if you wanted to get a really strong rim thats cheaper you can look for a DX-32 rim. A nimbus rim would be a great choice i bet as well since it isnt drilled.


DX32 is super strong and cheap, I ride one on my Muni, and it really takes anything, I’ve done a few 6’ drop to flat, and it’s stills as round as it was before. The only negative side of this rim is that it’s only 38mm wide.

I didn’t realize the KH rim was considered weak. I thought I just had a particularly bad landing plus insufficient tire pressure. Maybe it was both factors.

How does a narrower rim compare to a wider one? At first, it seems that bigger is always better but upon further consideration, I don’t quite see the benefits of a wider rim (so long as the same 3" width tire fits it as well). Width of the rim seems irrelevant. Any thoughts on that?

The DX32 is sounding quite appealing except for the ~0.5 lbs of extra weight. But maybe that’s just a small price to pay for a stronger rig.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

A skinnier rim will result in a less stable tire, AKA tire fold will happen more. I would really consider the half pound extra worth it though because re-lacing a rim isnt fun for me. You can also look for a sun ringle double wide, i use this rim on my 24inch and its super strong. I have put the rim through some abuse and its doing great!

I would get the DX-32 if its easier and cheapier to get compared to the sun ringle rim. I bet the Nimbus rim would be a great choice if you want a wide rim still.

I forgot about the Sun. I’m pretty sure they don’t make it anymore but there are still some here:
Total bad ass rim. Get it! Still cheaper & stronger than KH.

I’m liking the idea of the Sun Ringle. Can you still lace the KH hub to a 32h rim? Thanks guys, you are awesome :slight_smile:

Edit: It looks like they did make a 36h version, but I can’t find that one for less than 100 dollars. Bummer. I might just go with the Alex DX32 if I can’t find one.

Crap, I missed the 32h designation. Here’s the modern version but it’s till very hard to find.
Have any friends at the bike shop?