In San Diego

Hay yallz I am gonna be leavin for SD tonight and am gonna be out there til Friday night. If anyone wants to roll on the unis a lil while im down that would be purty nifty, just to the local guys since I am only riding and my hop is no more than curbs height at the moment :D. Anyway il be down there with my g/fs fam and she will have her Devil tryin to ride so anyone wanna hit me up my cell is (760)963-9632

you shouldn’t give your cell nuhmber over the spiderweb

I still can’t ride (sigh), but want to hang out?

call me…

Wow, that sucks! Two great riders out of commision!:frowning: Get better soon guys!:slight_smile:

I’m down for a ride anytime. P.M. me if you want.

haha, me being unable to ride isn’t exactly new news…

Hmm, that’s news to me! :wink:

I think Miles told me before he wasnt able to ride…I just didnt know he was gonna be out this long!

If any of you guys decide to ride, would you mind telling me where your going. I’m just about an hour away from sd so if your close enough I might come join you.

Also, may I suggest a ride at Seaport Village. There’s loads of things to do around there and the breeze feels nice this time of year. I can ride anytime tomorrow I believe.

I had no internet access while I was out there so I couldnt post anymore in here. The riding was a blast basic and all it felt really nice to get off my bum! Now im stuck back on it a lil bit cause i got some bad sun poisening when I was out there :frowning:

SUNSCREEN!!! :roll_eyes: