In Puyallup, WA

Anyone near where I live that want to get together and ride? I’m not good at all, still learning, but would help if I had someone.

I live in Port Orchard, WA. I’m 11 years old, but a level 5 unicyclist! How old are you? E-mail me sometime!

tylercox (at) techie (dot) com

Puyallup isn’t far from North Bend, and there will be a uni meet in North Bend on Saturday, April 9. If you want to hang out with other unicyclists, you should consider going. For information about the event, check here. I will be there, and presumably there will be lots of riders from the Seattle area.

kraze, you can subscribe to the Seattle area unicyclers’ email list by sending an email to:
unicyclers-subscribe (INSERT ‘AT’ SIGN)
and putting “subscribe” in the header.

We do all kinds of riding. There’s a few incredibly talented kids (and geezers too!) around here. You’ll get alot of assistance.

You should really try to get to North Bend on April 9 and join the Seattle e-mail list.

It would be great to find more South Sound riders. There has to be more.

My work brings me through Tacoma on a fairly regular basis, maybe an after work ride sometime after mid-April.