In Mexico

I mostly ride muni but I took my 20" cx to mexico because it was the only thing that I could fit in the bag. I taught myself a few tricks but apologize for the hops. Either way I didn’t get to film half the stuff I wanted to because I kinda broke it. Sry bout the grainyness also…


Sick, why was it so fast?

I’m way too add to watch that at regular speed and it goes better with the music that way I think

Hahaha, yeah I though the music really suited it.
Good work.

Nice rolling,

Surprised me when you rode across that shallow pool!


I think it would have been cooler if you came from a ways off w/ speed and did a rolling hop into it, us thinking it was a normal pool and surprize! it’s only a couple of inches :roll_eyes:

ill try that when I go back. I should be going back in june but thanks ps it drops off but i didnt feel like going in the other part at the time i was filming.