In-in 3spin help

Ok I have indeed searched for this and watched countless tutorials but nothing I’ve seen has really answered my questions. I can already sif 3spin, I can land it static 90% of the time and rolling about 40% of the time(although I haven’t gotten the balls to do it down anything larger than a curb). I can land my 3spins si but i do have to concentrate a little harder to do it I can also do 1spins from si and land si.

I really want to begin doing in in 3spins but whenever I try I seem to lose all control of the uni. I ride left foot forward and spin counter clockwise. The way I’ve been trying in in 3spins is by placing my left hand on the right side of the saddle, I jump high above the uni and spin the uni past 180 to nearly 270 before releasing the handle. About here is when things begin to fall apart, as I begin coming down I release the saddle and try to spot the pedals and to also grab the handle with my right hand and land the spin. However after releasing the saddle the uni almost always topples to the left and I bail.

Now come the questions, based on what i’ve said what am I doing wrong and is there a better way to spin? Also is it best to learn them static first? Any other tips or pointers are very welcome, I really want to land this trick.


Grab the seat with your other hand about half way through the spin. Makes it much easier to land and also easier to spin it. Learning it static might help but you’ll want to learn it rolling eventually. You should be holding the seat with atleast one hand the whole time.

I’m really close to in-in 3spins rolling and static right now and I don’t grab the handle halfway through. I hold the seat like Pele does, on the far side of the seat from the direction I’m spinning the uni and 2 or 3 fingers holding the seat itself and the rest on the handle. I find it keeps the unicycle closer to me and allows me to keep better control during the spin. My only problem with in-in is commitment right now. If you snap your legs in at the right time and keep the uni directly under you then your legs should find and catch the seat.

do you jump with the right orleft hand?

Me? I hold the seat with my right hand…

i use my left hand when i jump.