In celebration of the XC 29er

As some of you might know, I ride a 36er and have waxed lyrical here about it’s merits. Yes I love my N36.

But today I wish to celebrate the 29er. I have several unicycles and I would say that the 29er (with Bontranger Jones XC tyre, 140 cranks and ‘highlighter’ green gusset slim jim pedals) is the most versatile. It is the unicycle I take with me in the UK if I’m planning to do some unicycling when I get somewhere but I’m not sure what kind of environment I’m going to be riding in. It is good for distance (although, ofcourse not as good as the N36) and good for XC riding. It fits into the car much easier than the N36 and is much lighter.

It is the unicycle I take when I go camping. Here is a pic of me riding during a recent camping holiday (miraculously it had stopped raining for most of the 4 days we were away).

So here’s to the 29er XC - my most versatile unicycle. :smiley:

shell island small.jpg

Hooray for the 29er! :slight_smile:

Yes, to the 29’er!

The only uni I ride!

/Because I moved to Montana two years ago and left the 24" LX in my in-laws’ garage!

Yay! Lets hear it for 29ers! My N36 was great, and all that… but I still found my 29" road uni was better in a wider range of situations.

Now that I’ve got the 29" Schlumpf, it’s just opened up a whole new world of possibilities. More speed than the Nimbus, more agile in traffic (due to longer cranks than my other 29), and great for light muni too.


Just had my first really proper ride on my 29" XC, it threw me off three times but was a hell of a lot quicker than my 24". Hooray!

Nice photo! Do you think I should reconsider ordering my Nimbus 36"? Will it be too much wheel for me if I am only riding a KH 24" It may sound sad, but it was an adjustment going from my 20" to the 24".


Hurray for the 29er!!! I rode mine last evening and it rides soooo nice… Just a plain ol’ Sun 29 (well, 700cm actually), nothing special, but I love it. It like rides itself with my sittin’ on top.

Here are some reasons I agree, even for some not so gentle uphills:

  1. The bigger wheel rolls over stuff more easily.
  2. The 29er tires are typically lighter than the 24" tires, so there’s less rotational mass.
  3. A bigger wheel means less pedal strokes to get to the top, so you’re spending less time and strokes wearing yourself out.
  4. Since the tires are typically narrower on a 29er, we run higher tire pressures which often make for a more efficient power transfer from your leg to the ground.

Add to that; the 29er has a little bit more inertia.

I was trying to find some pix of my 29er but to no avail. It’s my favorite uni. I built it myself. Homemade, stainless steel and anodized aluminum frame, KH XC 29er rim, Big Apple tire, xtra wide UDC hub and 150 cranks. It’s a very nice ride. I love my N36 too but I’m still not as proficient at mounting it. The 29er is an easy ride. It’s still my uni of choice when I want to go for a nice long road ride.

I needs to get me on o’ those.

Yep XC 29ers make for pretty nice machines. I love riding mine and that feeling of height and speed are great over my 24.

I posted this in the ‘I brag’ thread but it’s relevant here and besides I’m dead chuffed.

Yesterday Craig and I smashed our ride to work record!

29ers with 150 cranks.

Stats from gps

8.2 miles in 54 minutes overall average of 8.9 mph. Moving average higher but we had roads to cross etc.

95% offroad on bridle paths and dirt tracks.

Happy, oh yes.


I think that’s the key; the larger wheel will spin past the dead spot and maintain its speed, so you can pedal smoothly and efficiently; a smaller wheel won’t maintain its momentum and will slow down, requiring an uneven pedalling cycle as you speed it up again after each dead spot.

29ers are ace. With a big apple tyre and tiny cranks it can fly along the roads; with a knobbly tyre and longer cranks it will plough through singletrack. You can’t get much more versatile than that.

I forgot to say.

One of the other things I love about the 29er is that it feels like I can control it, whereas the N36 definitely controls me!

With longish cranks on a 29er, I can force it into doing things which just wouldn’t be doable on the 36" in the same way… The 36" needs planning before doing stuff, and I need to “finesse” it around obstacles rather than suddenly demanding a change of direction. I have to “ask” the 36, I can “tell” the 29XC.

Of course, since I put 90mm cranks on my 29er to make it more coker-ish, this is no longer true :slight_smile:

That is a real valid point about the control aspect. I read, once upon a time on these fora, that it takes a lot of miles before you really control a Coker and not have it control you. I think there’s a lot of truth in that. I always feel very much in control of my 29er. Maybe I’ll feel more confident on the 36 after a few (hundred) more miles.

BTW Norry. I like that fender.:slight_smile:

Yay for the 29"er:D

did 18km off road on mine today and 15km the day before. Aiming for 25km tomorow at least:)

i’ve asked myself this a lot too. Hills that i can fly up on my 29er (with 150’s) I find really hard on my 24" (with 165’s). I’m still struggling to find a use for my 24" now apart from very technical downhill, which I dont get much where I live.

29ers are great:D

Reflections of a 29er

I have the whole family of the KH Unicycles. the KH20 KH24 and KH29. I mostly ride very technical MUni with lots of boulders steep downhill and jumping up steep rock slopes. Therefore I ride my KH24 the most. Recently I have been working on Trials so I started using my KH20 more. I figure that the skills gained in Trials will help my muni riding. (Big jumps and skinnies.) I very rarely ride the KH29 because I just don’t do much cross country. However every time I do get on it I love the feeling of speed and the sound of the spokes cutting though the air! I just don’t get that on the KH24. I will have to start doing some less technical MUni in order to give my KH29 more of a workout!


That’s my friend Craig’s 29er, mines the KH hidding behind. His Uni has now also gained a T7 handle.


The T7 handle’s nice. I’d love to get one of those for my 29er but right now it’d just be for looks. I still need to flail my arms too often to make good use of a handle. I suppose I should just practice riding more with both hands on the saddle until it becomes comfortable.