In case anyone was wondering...

… unicycles float.

Don’t ask me how I know this.

I’ll just say that the onlookers were impressed. It was not one of my finer moments!

Paul_g Wrote:
… unicycles float.
Don’t ask me how I know this. I’ll just say that the onlookers were impressed. It was not one of my finer moments!

O.K. I’ll bite - How do you know this ?
…and we want details mister.

The more important question is… did you? Did you have to?

I know my 29er floats; it also looks very pretty with lots of lights twinkling just under the surface of the water. Luckily no-one was watching when I discovered this… :slight_smile:


Re: In case anyone was wondering…

I wasn’t going to say anything, but since you brought it up-- my sources tell me that Gilby has also proved this to be true.

What kind of uni?
A muni with a 3" wide tire and an air seat will float. I don’t know if a regular 20" freestyle uni with a regular foam seat will float or for how long. For some unicycles I think they may sink once the seat foam gets water logged and the frame fills with water.

I’ve not been willing to throw my freestyle uni in the water just to find out if it’ll float.

Re: Re: In case anyone was wondering…

I thought he discovered they’re heating properties…

Oh come on, John, you’re a better geek than that; you can estimate the displacement without throwing it in the water.

I have found out that my KH20 with profile crank/hubset floats too. but I really didn’t want to leave it in there, for the sake of science, to see how long it would stay on top for.

I ordered an onza today, I’ll go throw my old LX in the river right now.

Re: Re: In case anyone was wondering…

Yes, I’ll confirm that unicycles float, at least most MUnis do because of the fat tire. The closed cell foam padded seat also helps make it float.

Last week on our weekly TCUC MUni ride, I had my pedal hit the ground and I fell off and since I didn’t want to get wet, I stayed on the ground going one way and my unicycle going the other way right into the creek. We’ve had a lot of rain this year, so the creek was flowing pretty quickly. I tried to grab a long stick to pull it to shore, but the current won, so I ran quickly down the trail to do it again. I got the uni by shore and Jamey was able to reach it.

Well, OK. I’ll expose my lack of skill…

I was done in by a 2" lip. I tried to hit it with some speed and a little oomph to negate the kickback, but I went down, and I and the uni parted ways, so no, I didn’t need to float.

I was riding an 18" wide seawall along a sidewalk, with 0 to 12 inches of lip on the sidewalk side (it varies along the length) and a three foot drop to the salt water on the other side.

I was barely able to crawl on my belly and reach the uni. When I got home I dropped the whole thing in my hot tub, and when I was pretty sure most of the salt was gone, I dried it well and DOUSED it with WD-40 everywhere. I think the bearings may survive.

I also had to use that recovery technique on an R/C airplane recently that went for a swim on a day too windy to be flying…

I can confirm the MUni floatation hypothesis from multiple participant observation studies, using two separate KH24s, and having now tested the hypothesis (however unintentionally) in several different bodies of water.

As Gilby asserts, when there’s a fast current, its a kayMuni.

Torker CX 24"s DO NOT float i can tell you that, And if you want to know how i know this…look Here

Re: Re: Re: In case anyone was wondering…

Good thing for you that Jamey has arms that are so long.

I felt bad about it, but what I really felt bad about was that I was a good 400 yards away from you and I could hear my son, Christopher, laughing at you. He was taught not to laugh at other people’s misfortune, especially when that other person is nice enough to let him borrow a muni every week

How do you know this?

Click the link.

I did. Did you?

Summits foat with being as heavy as they are they still float. Its sad though my bearings are pretty messed up. It still spins just not that well.

K that got messed up…here

he’s holding onto it when he comes back up though…

o, and whoever was talking about WD-40 all over


i’ve heard (and believe) wd-40 messes up bearings

you want to use tri-flow or (possibly) a silicone lubricant

that’s my 2 cents, but i could be wrong, so don’t yell at me