In a contest!!!

Hey I need your help.

I haven’t been to active on here in quite some time, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of unicycle related stuff lately.

I am 1 of 10 contestants in a Dr.Pepper contest. If I can manage to make the top 5 I will be a finalist and in the running to be picked to star in a Dr.Pepper commercial…Yay. I sent in a video figuring unicycling fit the kind of theme they are going for and it could be some great exposure for our sport. I made the first cut and now I need to rally votes.

The biggest hurdle is getting enough domestic votes. You can only vote if you are from the USA and that is certainly making it hard for me to rack up enough. Our sport is so small, that without the international votes, I really need everyone in the US to help out. You need to create an account… I know thats not ideal, not my rules, I would, and have made an exception for unicycling.

I think if I make the top 5 there is a pretty good chance that Dr.Pepper would love to use the one wheel image for this marketing campaign. I’ve seen the other commercials, they like Wow, and they like funny. Extreme uni would work for both.

There is the link. You should be able to spot me holding the uni pretty easy. Please vote everyday, and also tweet for an extra vote if you can.

Ooh, passed over this thread because it looked like a spam bot. It let me use a google account to sign in and I fed it a bogus address and phone number so hopefully I won’t get too much spam. Good Luck!! The more publicity we can get the more riders we can get.

Just a thought; maybe you should post this in the videos subforum as well, this time with a title that doesn’t look like a spam bot.

Thanks for the vote.

Sam. Just for you I voted :wink: its really for all of us! But I got all of my coworkers to vote for ya

Thanks, keep it up.

Looks like you’re in the top five by a wide margin, and I voted for you again today.

Link doesn’t work on my IPhone. I’ll try tomarrow when I get to a computer.

Yea… computer only for their site.

Voted again today and it bumped you up to number 4!

At a computer and it worked fine.

I voted for you, but the presentation vids of a few others I feel are better than yours (IMO should be close to reasonabling a commercial for Dr. P for something like this). The footbager, freerunner, and basketball thrower I thought were a bit better in this context.

Funny thing is you aren’t the only entry with a unicycle. :stuck_out_tongue: But yours is waaayyy better.

Thanks for the vote. Yea that was my original plan… but after much thought and re-re-rereading the rules (plus I ran out of time) I decided to go with a who I am video rather than make it like the actual commercial. If I win they will make the real deal for me…

Who’s still voting?

I am currently battling a spoiled nascar girl for 2nd. Help me pass her and keep driving towards 1st.
Here is a pretty cool article about the contest: