Improving riding experience

I’ve just started unicycling and managed to get a pretty good deal on my first uni (20" qu-ax) and been practising non stop but the standard saddle that comes with it as been killing me (assuming you guys understand what I’m talking about). So, I’m planning to get a new saddle and at this point I’m leaning towards the Kris Holm fusion saddle, the thing is I’ve never actually tried one. Could any of you guys tell me if it will make a big difference (practically and comfort wise) or could you make any other suggestions.

This is the one I have, just a standard qu ax model with handles

Most here will tell you that the fusion is a great saddle. I have been very happy with mine.

There is a new version of this saddle coming out within the next couple of weeks so you might want to hold out and read some reviews on that one prior to purchasing the older style (if any of the old ones are still in stock)

There are two versions of the fusion, the “street” and the “freeride” the freeride has a lot more padding.

I also like the Nimbus Gel, though if your riding style is Trials/Street, you may want to keep the weight down. I like that one for road riding, which means more sitting and lots more miles.

I had the same pains in the same places and fusion freeride is a wonderful seat…best $ you will spend on your Uni.

Although, no one has yet asked how long have you been riding? The saddle is very important for comfort, however, you body still has to get used to riding in that position. If you have not been riding very long, the change in saddle still won’t help that much. In a little while you won’t really notice the pressure though.

I see your point, there is obvious some kind of adaptation phase people go through. Well, I’ve only been riding it for about one month but if mst people do agree that the KH saddles are much comfier I’m better off just making that switch.

i would wait, there are a bunch of new options coming, and with that, you may be able to pick up an old KH saddle for a better price real soon.

I wish they would come out with a saddle with an opening like bicycle seats. I saw Unigeezer’s video on modifying a seat. That’s the idea, but I would like to purchase one ready to go, with a gap in it. When I hit 38 years old my bicycle seats were no longer comfy. The seats with the gap solved that issue. I asked UDC if there would be a seat like that available but their suggestion was the KH seat. I just really need NO seat contact with THAT area.

Honestly I really don’t know what kind of difference that gap makes. Can any one shed some light on this?