Improved reflexes from guni'ing?

We recently discussed the cross-training improvements some of us have experienced where our uni’ing has gotten better as a result of some other sport or where our other sports have improved from our uni’ing. We also talked about how riding on one type of uni can improve riding on another type of uni even tho the two might seem unrelated. For example, my Cokering made me better on my 20" freestyle, and vv.

Well, I’ve been riding my guni everywhere, and recently I noticed that my reflexes have improved dramatically. For example, I caught a slippery plum that had just squirted out of the same hand. Normally this would not have seemed like a big deal, but then it happened a few more times with the same plum (it was really slippery). And then I realized that I’ve been catching things I’d normally have dropped – like soap in the shower or a pen that had fallen off the table. I feel like Peter Parker when he starts to become aware of his super powers.

Today I went for a ride on my guni and suddenly realized that because it goes so fast, I’m forced to react more quickly than ever before to minor bumps and divots (as well as to people, dogs, and so on). My hunch is that I must have turned up my react-o-meter, and apparently this has had repercussions in other aspects of my life.

Has anyone else noticed this from a guni or even from a Coker? Or maybe even from a muni, which forces you to make quick decisions all the time?

yeah i’ve had some improvement from my 20" trials. my balance is WAY better and i’m quicker to respond to unexpected things because if i’m just riding along and not paying attention and hit a bump, i really have to respond fast or upd. also i think the nerves in my shins have been numbed from so much pain :smiley:

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I have always said that unicycling (in general) has improved my relfexes more than my balance.

since i started uniing my reaction has improved. i dont know why but it is just something that comes form uniing i guess.

co-ordination, balance and reflexes. Thats unicycling in a nutshell i reckon.

I see changes not so much in the physical realm but in my increased ability to stay in the moment, or to recognize that I am not and get into it.

A good skill to have if you ever feel like going to prison, I can’t count the number of times this has helped me out.

the number of times its saved you from falling into my sick perverted clutches :stuck_out_tongue: