Improved Miyata Saddle on Stealth

I had the pleasure of riding with racingnismo this past Friday. He had his brand spanking new Stealth Torker with him. I am a proud owner of one of these fine cycles, and the destroyer of another. Anyway, while I was showing him the weakness of the handle on his (stock) VS, the strength of my Kinport, I realized that his handle didn’t flex nearly as much as mine did prior to the upgrade. Upon further inspection, I saw that his stock handle was slightly different the mine had been. His had two little triangular braces where the handle normally rips. Has anyone else seen this? Any idea how well this little modification helps?


i know that the black Miyatas on the the Stealth Torkers are made of stronger plastic but i havent seen what your talking about yet,maybe Torker is modifing them know.

it would be nice to see a pic of this.

I will get a pic of it when I get home! Yeah was fun riding with Daniel, man I never seen anyone jump that high on a unicycle in person! Amazing! Good inspiration!!!


Ok here is the pic of my seat. What daino149 was talking about the two triangular braces in front of the three nuts.

Today I was riding around at nightfall and actually had the seat come loose a bit, so I tightened it down again, but how tight do I tighten it? It is only plastic underneath, so I should not overtighten, right?


that is so awesome,if Torker is going to do that,they are going crush Miyata’s seat share of the market.

and if they add a flat crowned Steath to the line,they will rule the whole introductory unicycle market.there is definately someone with a brian behind these new Torkers.some folks better watch out or they are going to fall behind,quickly!

Molding in “ribs” like that is a common way to reinforce an injection molded part and I always thought it was strange that Miyata didn’t do that on their handles. The handles that I have seen tear start from the edge, so it will be interesting to see if this helps. It would have been better if they could have also put a rib on each edge, but there isn’t much room there. If they are also made from a better plastic resin then it may last well. Let’s hope so.

Scott Wallis