Bored today, I was playing with Google Images and found this and two other links to people who are not me, but are associated with unicycling. Who is this masked man? :thinking:

I’m guessing he’s possibly Canadian… don’t know why I think that.
But he doesn’t look like KH I don’t think.

Knowing you, the spelling of “impostor” is a clue, but it doesn’t mean anything to me… or it could just be a typo. Actually, having looked it up, it seems it can be spelt that way - wonder why I’ve never seen it.
Anyway, I don’t know who that is.
Don’t know why I replied really…


(you’d never guess my work is boring at the moment, would you? :o)

Imposter would have been better.:o My mistake.

XXXXer is someone who simply performs an action.

XXXXor is a person who occupies the role in which he regularly performs an action - i.e. it implies some formal status or official appointment. It is a difference of emphasis. The feminine of XXXXor would be XXXXix - and I don’t thnk I would have got away in an English exam referring to a female character as an “impostrix” except in a humorous way.:slight_smile:

Which still leaves the question, who is the person who appears in at least three links to Mikefule, but isn’t? :thinking:

Canadian, eh? Probably because the face paint sort of looks like a maple leaf :slight_smile:

Canada Rocks.

Aha! A labelling error. So somewhere the link has got confused. All is resolved.

Ekimstorm. Ekim = Mike, presumably. That may be the source of the error.