Impossible wheels...

Today I shaked hands with a very big inspirator of me: Matti Kuopa from Finland!

For those who don’t know him: 3x worldchampion, and ESPN X-games GOLD medaillist in BMX flatland. Together with Andrew Farris (Canada) and Trevor Meyer (Minneapolis) by far the best riders (okay, once ago) and my role-model of training-discipline (okay, once ago). They can be held responsibe for the nowedays high level in flatland.

What I saw today:
girls and guys riding their BMX as an impossible wheel

girls and guys riding their BMX as an impossible wheel but with legs crossed

riding it > hop straight up + kick one of the pegs (wheel makes a 180 flip) > land and continue riding.

riding it with both(!) knees on pegs, off course with both transitions, and an easy and control like it’s a level1 skill.

Wonder how long it will take before I see a unicyclist doing those.

Re: Impossible wheels…

Here is a short vid of a guy riding a BC around a gym (it doesn’t show him
getting on it, though)… Go to:

On the “Unicycling” page click the “Jan fährt am Impossible im Kreis” link.
Finally the “Hier geht’s weiter” link leads to a .mov file. Set your player to
repeat, and watch him circle endlessly.

(Also on the Unicycling page are links to some interesting pictures of
big-wheel unis.)

A B.C. (impossible) wheel is definitely harder than an ultimate wheel. Even though I have a degree of mastery on the B.C. and much less on the ultimate, that’s because of where I invested my time.

Riding a B.C. is more like coasting, where riding an ultimate is kind of like seat drag on a regular unicycle.

Of all the unicycles I have, I consider the B.C. to be the hardest to ride. I don’t have a two-wheeler, but I would still consider the B.C. as the harder.

But it’s not impossible, so I don’t like the name “Impossible Wheel.”

I think one with an off-center hub might be a very interesting challenge. With practice I’m sure you could learn to ride on indefinitely, on level ground. I’d like no more than a 1" offset for that.

Riding a BMX bike like a B.C. wheel is a lot easier than unicycle coasting, because you not only have the rest of the bike to hold onto, you have its mass to react against to help keep your balance. Sure, it takes practice! And it’s very cool to watch.