impossible wheel

i just took the front wheel of and old bike and was wanting to make and impossible wheel out of it. are there any suggestions on what i should use for the foot pegs?

um, buy BC plates?

do you have any skills welding or know anyone that does know?

I hope the wheel has a 14mm spindle…

no i dont know anybody that can weld

would just plain bike pegs work?

not really. you would not be able to hop, and you would fall off really really easy.

if you find bike pegs that look like these, they would work:)

I’m pretty sure some people have used door thingys. I’d reccomend buying some though.

what do you mean door thingys?

I’m pretty sure someone used L shaped peices of metal they found at a hardware store that are related to doors.

You can ride them with pegs, it is just harder. The first ones had pegs, then that evolved into the drop down plates. Go for it. It really helps if you have shoes that have an arch (not like skate shoes that are flat at the bottom) so the pegs will rest in the arch of your shoe. If you have flat bottomed shoes you will probably just roll right off the pegs.

one and ¼ words


That sounds cool, can you attach a seat to a BC wheel, therefore making a BC…unicycle. Has anyone ever done that? How much do the plates cost? It would be awesome to do that to my uni! Though dissapointing seeing how far it goes after almost committing suicide after suicide mounting(which I can’t do)…

IIRC, Spencer has a BC uni - it’s featured in one of the videos in his gallery. It’s cool :slight_smile:

I had one a long time ago but I took it apart because it was my uni frame and bc wheel and I wanted both back. It didn’t work very well.

yea, I saw that. It was cool…