Impossible Wheel

I’ve been thinking about turning an old bike wheel into an impossible wheel but I dont know where to get those hanging platforms. Does anyone know who sells them or how I can make them myself?

Building a BC Wheel cheaply

Building an impossible wheel is quite impossible.

However, the hangers for a BC Wheel could be made from old crank arms
with a bit of pipe 3/8" inside diameter and 5/8" outside diameter, and
big flat washers to secure the crank arms tightly to the bicycle wheel
axle (3/8" diameter). Next simply add wide pedals.

Using cottered cranks also allows the possibility of cutting flats into the
pipe for the use of cotter pins which could be used to hold the cranks to
the axle even tighter.

Going further, pipe with a smaller inside diameter could be used and
threads could be tapped inside them so the pipe would actually screw
onto the axle ends for an even more secure fit. Lock nuts on the axle
ends could thus be avoided and be one less odd bit of metal sticking out.


Ken Fuchs <>

“The difficult can be done immediatly the impossible takes a little longer”