impossible wheel

i have a brother who likes the idea of unicycling but wants to do something harder. i dont understand him but i told him about impossible wheel. he likes the idea and would like tolearn. he does not know how to unicycle. is it possible for someone to learn the impossible wheel befor learning to ride a unicycle?

Possible? Yes

A good idea? Probably not

It would be like learning to ride a unicycle without knowing how to ride a bike

I can’t ride one, but i’m not sure that it’s anything like riding a uni.

  1. You have no seat or frame to help suppost the wheel.
  2. You are coasting.

I say he should just go for it. If he’s got good ballance then he’ll learn it fast enough anyway. It’s a bit of a wierd progression, but it’s doable.


he can ride a unicycle for like feet so i quess i will get him one

Unis and BC wheels are nothing alike to ride. BC wheels are super easy to learn compared to Unis; a couple of hours and your brother will probably be going 50+ feet.

I agree. I think being able to unicycle would make it slightly easier to learn to BC but probably not much. I learnt to BC very quickly. And if you look at what flatland BMX riders do it’s basically the same as riding a BC wheel. Most of them probably can’t unicycle.

Nothing in Common

I know a kid who can unicycle but never rode a bike!

The two are not related. I am sure that your brother ecan learn to ride the Ultimate wheel without knowing how to Unicycle.


Learning to ride an ultimate wheel without being about to unicycle would be VERY hard. This is a impossible wheel we’re talking about, more commonly known as BC.

Have you considered a Ultimate wheel, they are a fusion between a unicycle and BC wheel???

So when he gets better at 1. He could move onto a proper BC or unicycle. :smiley:

lol Don’t learn to ultimate wheel without being able to unicycle. But do learn to BC.