impossible wheel with handle bars!!!!

hi have just made an impossible wheel with handle bars. it still needs a bit of improvement but its well good. have a look here its called impossible handle bars 1/2

Butty. It looks a bit crap expecailly the peg things.

yer i am goin to trim dem down. i have to or else they bend down. im gonna bend them in half

butty it is shit and u r gay

nah its better than ur attempt and im not gay so f**k off woodcheeks

Gud 1 woody ha ha buttys gay.

that’s pretty sweet…could use a little work, but I think it can be good in the end. it’s like a self powered segway!! hahahaha

that was really really mean and uncalled for. I think you owe him an apology.

you know how we do it around here Woody? every put-down you give, you have to give three put-ups and a hug. so go say three nice things about Butty, and give him a hug. NOW.

I don’t think its a bad idea. Have you ridden it yet? Wouldn’t the handlebars get in the way and make falls more dangerous? Hows it ride?

Drop that handlebar and be ready to take a dive. It should be shaped like an L so if you drop it, the back will come up and hit you so the handles dont hit the ground.


Some of my flatland friends like to do that when theyre bored with riding normal bikes. They rip. Ill try to catch it on film next time. Have you ridden it?

My flatland mate June calls this an unbike . I’ve tried to ride his unbike, but found it really hard. There’s a video of the unbike being ridden in my gallery.

think again m8 if im gona give asscheeks an opligy so u can think again james potter