Impossible Wheel With A Seat!!!

Today i built a unicycle but i didnt have time to weld the bike tire to it didnt spin so i had an idea why dont i build a impossible wheel with a seat and its so fun for pedals i have 2 pegs and already in 1 day i can ride a entire block (it has a slight slant) has anyone tried that

Yes, Max Dingemans has a similar unicycle. He calls it a ‘coaster’, as riding it is kind of similar to coasting.

I don’t think welding a tyre on to a rim is a good idea, though.

whoops i didnt mean to write that im very bad at explaining XD o well ill post a pic tomm im tired

oh man that was my idea :smiley:
Seriously i’ve been wanting to make one of them for ages, is it fun? I think it would be awesome, please post some pics!!!

ya its so fun but HARD my record is 50 feet gallery doesnt work for me rite now cause i started this account when there were problems