impossible wheel riders

Is there anyone out there who can ride an impossible wheel? if so, please let me know. I have only ever heard or seen one other person do it. I know it is intimidating, butit isnt THAT hard. I learned to ride it in like an hour. but anyways, please let me know if you can ride one. I feel lonely!!

I can ride a impossible/BC wheel. My record is about 5 blocks.
You are not alone…There are others.


I’m too chicken to even try. :frowning:
That thing is dangerous.

How do you keep going on an impossible wheel. I’ve only seen people mount it by rolling it and jumping on. But they’ve all been in a room so they never had to go all the way down a street.

is it as easy to hurt yourself as it looks? i mean, what happens when you fall? you run out of it, or you sprain an ankle and die a slow painful death?


Well, if you’re not lucky the wheel shoots out in front of you and you land (very quickly) flat on your tailbone and flat on your back. If you’re lucky after that you’re only nursing a sore tailbone for the next week. And that’s if you’re lucky. I’ve seen it happen. Ouch!

Yeh i used to before i bent the pegs to much :frowning: i used to have a 20" and a 24" one and the 24" one used to fly so fast it was unbelievable :slight_smile:


to john childs:

you say that it is too dangerous, but isnt what you do on a unicycle also dangerous?

to the rest of you who wonder how dangerous it is: it isnt that dangerous as long as you either know how to roll out of a fall, or can sense when you are falling, and jump off and run with it. and I start off on a hill, and just mount like you would a unicycle. after that, its pretty easy to maintain balance.