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These Swedish stamps were issued in 1987. The picture on the centre stamp depicts a Swedish performer by the name of Reino. It was mentioned in September 2001 in the newsgroup that this Reino would have accomplished in the early 1960’s to ride an Ultimate Wheel with his hands on a slackrope. Nothing short of amazing, especially since he seems to have a normal tyre as opposed to a hollow rim (even more apparent from larger picture). But this may also be artistic freedom, as it IMHO makes the skill “too” impossible.

I met Reino this weekend, he’s now 82 years old, but still performed a hand stand and a “glass on sword held in mouth balance”. He’s a great performer and from the small chat we had he seems to be a nice person in general.

He told me a little more about the trick on the stamp. It was, as we have guessed, not done with a tyre. He practiced nothing but that single trick for six years until he could do it, and as far as he know, he’s the only one who’s ever done it.


Now that’s determination. That’s so lucky of you to be able to meet this guy. How did you come to meet him?


He was a guest at an exhibit of a circus collection (mostly posters and picture and stuff). He wasn’t really supposed to perform but couldn’t help himself. :slight_smile:

I walked up and had a chat with him later. And I’m glad I did since he was very friendly and had lots of stories and gave advice on slackrope walking (he’s mainly a rope walker not a unicyclist).


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tripple wow!
and to have met him

thanx for sharing

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>I met Reino this weekend

Thanks a lot for sharing this. Interesting. If you don’t mind I’ll
include some of that info on the web page you referred to.

Your name, BTW, seems to be the Swedish variant of mine.

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There is a performer that I know from Berkeley by the name of Peter Adney who can ride a uni on a slackrope while juggling. A couple others on this list can verify that as well.

Cong Tian

Similarly, here’s a description of Cong Tian’s (a chinese performer) act for the current production of the Big Apple Circus:

"When Cong Tian slinks into the ring and mounts the slack wire — a tightrope that’s lost its snap — and stands straight up, there’s a smattering of applause. By the time he dismounts eight minutes later, having laid down, sat on a unicycle, balanced on his shoulder atop the unicycle and then turned himself into a human whirli-gig, the audience leaps to its feet and then falls limp into its seats. (“Oh my God! I can’t take it.”) " - The Journal News 11/7/2002

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Please do, I also did som googling and found this:

Just as on the stamp it really looks like a tire, but I’m quite sure it’s gimmicked. His own words was something along the line of the wheel having a groove and without it it would be incredibly difficult (impossible?) to do.

Axelsson beeing a variant of Bil? I doubt it.

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I’m pretty sure that’s the image that was used for the stamp. It definitely looks like a tire. My guess is that he had some “sides” added to his rim to give a safer grip onto the rope, and to help make it look like a tire.

Reino is da-man. Still the hardest unicycle trick I’ve ever heard of. Or slack rope trick, for that matter!

just slightly ot

Those are some great picture and stamps. Just out of curiosity, do any of you slackline? I found some articles a while ago about it and I’ve been wanting to try. I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to it, but if I do, do any of you have any tips?


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Good length for the rope is 6-7 meters, keep it low (should be obvious?) and practice each day.

That was Reino’s quick tips for slackrope walking.

My plan for the summer is to learn slackrope and get better at uni, though the slackrope was planned for last summer so we’ll see what happends. :slight_smile: