impossible wheel electric

just wondering if anyone has ever tried or thought about making a electric motor powered bc/impossible wheel using a hub motor with battery in rucksack



I’ve seen it done with model rocket engines, and it worked on the second try. If that’s possible, I’m sure your idea would work even better!

Don’t trip over the cord. :slight_smile:

Is this are you talking about?

That looks like a lesson in humility waiting to happen…

Already thought of it!

Actually I have made a few designs back in 2007 for an electric BC wheel, gas motorized BC wheel, and a self balancing gyroscopic BC wheel in the past. I’m sure others have thought of it. I’d like to build one but my funds, experience, and resources are limited. Still, I love to ride the BC the way it is!

Diesel BC wheels are for real men

A helmet is no match for this contraption…

No really - I’m sure its safe!

build one a few years ago…but he is really seldom here.