Impossible wheel directions.

Can you make your own impossible wheel? I would like one but I don’t wanna spend $150. If any of you know how to make one please give me instructions. Thanks.

building instuctions

first, find someone who has an old bmx bike they dont use anymore. preferably, with a set of pegs attached. take the front wheel off, then put the pegs on either side of the axle. there you go. thats the way I did it. then when you get better, consider finding someone to make you a set of footplates.

Yeah I tried that with a BMX wheel and it worked but the tire wouldn’t move without the pegs moving. So that means that the wheel won’t move if im on the pegs. Any solutions.

My $16 BC wheel is just an old 24" front bike wheel with two tiny pegs attached. If I roll the BC wheel along, the pegs will spin with the wheel but as soon as I jump on, they stop spinning. Sounds like you need to loosen/fix the cones on the wheel you’re using so the axle can spin freely. I’m sure a local bike shop would do it for free.


Re: building instuctions

I like this one, this is like saying learn to ride your unicycle one footed first, then when you have got it sussed try using both feet.

It is really worth mentioning that the foot plates make it considerably easier to ride, known by some as “cheat plates”. :slight_smile: