impossible v. ultimate

what I want to know is why an impossible wheel (BC Wheel) is so much easier to ride than an ultimate wheel? I have just started learning on the BC, and it is MUCH easier to learn than when i tried to ride an ultimate wheel. Why is this? Who messed up the names?

i wouldnt call em a impossible wheel… its a stupid name, cos its far from impossible. call it a BC wheel, problem solved

I really like the name. I like when I’m showing people my unicycle collection, and then at the end I point out ‘this one, without a seat or pedals. It’s called an impossible wheel’. They always smile and nod and go back to staring at the giraffes. :smiley:

What exactly does BC stand for? or mean?

you dont have defect right?

i dont remember what it means but it come from a comic book. if you can search on the forum im sure you will found the answer.

The characters in B.C. by Hart ride them in the comic strip.

you are doomed, you never should have asked use the search feature there was a small debate, basic coasting or from the comic strip, there was this one were it showed for frames of a guy just riding it.

Re: impossible v. ultimate

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>What exactly does BC stand for? or mean?

I continue to think it is Before Christ. As in they were ridden in
8000 BC.

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somebody should explain the meaning of BC in tyler’s thread. might save time for new ppl.