Important MOAB information

Hi, my name is Brett, and I am a fun loving unicyclist such as yourself.
But I need help.
As fate would have it I now “do not” have a car to drive to MOAB, so I changed the plans, and am going to fly.

My problem is i’m to young to rent a car, i’m looking for someone that would be willing to pick me up from the airport, or some information on a carpool of some sort, or someone that is flying as well. I’d be willing to split rental car costs.

Please contact me, I REALLY want to go to MOAB, its all i’ve thought about the past few months, and will not beable to go for three years if I miss this chance.

My cell phone is 503 560 2797 (Leave a message if I don’t answer i’m probably just at work)

alternativly my email is cyberpunkz(at)
or you can PM me.

I’d like to buy my plane ticket as soon as possible, so please if anyone can help get ahold of me.

Thank you all unicyclist!

Selfserving Bump.

Thank you,

yeah…Hey Brett, do some searching for similliar threads, there have been at least a two that I know of people offering to share rides to Moab, you should check that out…

I wonder how hard it would be to hitchhike from SLC to Moab. You could always keep that in mind if there are no other options. I bet there would be someone else at the airport who would be going to Moab… cardboard sign, perhaps?

I wish I could help you out, but we’re going to be driving from LA straight to slickrock. I hope you find a way!



There are shuttle services that go from SLC airport to Moab. Problem there is that you’ll end up on Moab with no car which would make it difficult for you to get to and from the riding locations. You’d need to buddy up with someone at your hotel who can fit you in their car to get you to the riding spots.

I really should have done this before I posted this thread (Not to mention search, which would have made this thread unnecesary) But, I checked for my flight, i’ve boughten plane tickets on short notice before, but stupid me I didn’t think for a moment about the fact that it is spring break, and the price for a plane ticket from oregon to utah is INSANE. So it looks like I wont be heading to moab, unless I get my vehicle situation worked out before the date which I find unlikely, but who knows maybe something will shine down on me.

I’d also like to personaly thank, Joey, and Jason for replying, and being so eager to help, I really wish that this sport would become popular, but when I see the commodity shown between otherwise total strangers, there is part of me that is glad that this sport is so small.

Thank you all,

try they have a list of citys down teh right side of the page, and you could possibly get a cheap(ish) car on there on a short notice. They have new posts there every day.