Important message from Jack Halpern


Hi all,

This is Jack Halpern, Executive Director for International Development
of the IUF, and many of you may know that I got the IUF and JUA about a
quarter of a century ago.

I have been subscribing to through email since its
inception. Unfortunately, work pressure makes it impossible for me to
deal with the large volume (I have over 30,000 unread messages in my
mailbox!) in this newsgroup. Being the CEO of The CJK Dictionary
Institute (we specialize in Chinese, Japanese and Korean Dictionaries,
see http://www.cjk,org), I am extremely busy with many dictionary projects.

I do fear missing important information regarding unicycling, and would
like to suggest as follows. If there is something you want me to read
specifically, or if a message is important, please send it to my email
address at <wrong><wrong> >> The topics
of specific interest to me are:

  1. Organizing unicons, especially Asian teams. Ideally, we should revive
    the unicon
    mailing list, so that unicon organizers can focus on the topic
    rather than mixing
    postings with, which is of a general nature.
  2. Unicycling terminology, as I am editor of the Multilingual Unicycling
    – this will eventually be made available free on the web. If you
    report new terms
    to me in any langauge I will add them to the dictionary.
  3. All IUF matters – properly this should go to the,
    mailing list, which for reasons unknown to me has been dormant (people
    seem to discuss matters privately).
  4. Anything on unicycling in Asia, especially China and Japan.

It’s been great being on this list, very informative and often fun, but
I have to sign off,
at least for the moment.

All the best and stay on top!!

P.S. I will probably read my last mail on on
November 2 or so.

Thanks for letting us know. Can you wade trough them and pick the ones I’ve sent directly to the correct e-mail address (and sais From: Leo Vandewoestijne).
Also the voicemails I’ve left were not answered. Or maybe if you have Skype, could you please let me know?

Hope to talk to you soon again!