IMPORTANT information related to Americans interested in competing at Unicon 17

As most of you know, Unicon 17 will be in Montreal, Canada in July 2014. Since Montreal is within driving distance from much of the US, it will be a great chance for Americans to attend Unicon. As such, there will be limits as to how many Americans can participate in many events. At this point in time it is unclear what exactly the qualification criteria will be because the IUF is waiting on facility confirmation by the Unicon crew.

It is almost certain that Street, Flatland, and Trials will require qualification to compete at Unicon 17. Other events are not clear yet.

NAUCC 2013 will be the qualifying event for Unicon 17. As such, except in very special cases, participation (and a good performance) at NAUCC 2013 will be required for qualification in these events.

Remember that online registration for NAUCC 2013 closes this Saturday (June 15th). After that date, the price increases to $130 and registration will only be allowed onsite.

-Scott Wilton,
Unicycling Society of America Board Member
Unicon 17 Qualifications Chair

Registration for Freestyle events at NAUCC 2013 closes June 15th. Your payment must be received to be registered.

I know this is for Americans,but does anyone know if the qualification is the same for Canadians. Am I pooched if I can’t make it to NAUCC this summer?

I hope this is not an absolute. Allow me to point out that with this announcement, you are giving Americans exactly four days to get registered if they want to compete in certain events at Unicon 17. Suffice it to say that this is not realistic for some riders.

This is not about me, but it very well could be. My wife wants me to compete in Freestyle at Unicon 17. Much as I want to go to NAUCC, it might be impossible for me due to other events in my life. I hope that this will not be the only determining factor in who will be able to compete in the limited events at Unicon 17.

Based on Canadian attendance at recent Unicons, I don’t think you have much to worry about. Especially for riders from parts of Canada that are far away from Quebec. :slight_smile:

Not four days. Months.

As NAUCC organizers we’ve been pointing this out since shortly after we announced we will be the host site last summer. Those familiar with the USA and IUF know that there are qualification guidelines.

I do not know if there will be Freestyle field limits at Unicon 17. I can say that currently NAUCC 2013 has low overall Freestyle registrations.

For logistical reasons we must close Freestyle events with the close of registration on the 15th.

Just say there will always be room for the old guys like John.

You guys (NAUCC 2013 organization) have definitely been very clear and noticeable with your dates and requirements for this year’s event, don’t get me wrong, and no complaints there!

Now it’s one day. I am measuring this from the date this thread was started, and in relation to the advanced need to qualify for Unicon 17.

I’m not old. I competed in Freestyle at Unicon just 21 years ago!

These days, the USA (and Canada) don’t have big numbers entering Freestyle, at least at the Expert level. The organizers’ limit might be something so high it never becomes a worry. But if it does, I just hope there is some flexibility to the system, such as the option to send in a video or something.