*IMPORTANT CHANGES* - Manchester Hockey Tournament on 10th March

On the 10th March, the Denton Unicycle Club (DUC) will be hosting another hockey tournament. This one will form part of the new hockey league (still being set up) and will be primarily for organised teams only. If you aren’t a member of a team, then not to worry, as there will be two scratch teams.

We’ve had a high level of interest from teams wishing to play in this tournament, but unfortunately our hall is only available from 12 noon ‘till 6pm. As things stand we can only accommodate 9 teams over the six hours and this would include a maximum of two scratch teams.

However much we’d love to accommodate all teams and all individuals in this tournament, it’s not going to be possible.

We’re going to have to offer team and individual places in the tournament on a first come, first served basis. Could all team captains please register their teams ASAP to avoid disappointment? This also goes for all individual players wishing to play in scratch teams. We are trying to avoid having to restrict numbers attending this tournament, but until we can lengthen the hire of the hall, we’re going to have to put a cap on the numbers. Many of you have mentioned your interest in attending this tournament, but as yet no one has confirmed in writing their intention to play. All seven team places and two scratch teams are available as we go to press. We are expecting these places to be taken very quickly, so to avoid disappointment please register without delay.

The hockey will be strictly 5-a-side. Teams may have any number of subs if they so wish and rotate their players during the day. There will be up to 7 places available in each of the two scratch teams, which means rotating the players during the games to ensure everyone gets to play. This is very straight forward, but will be something the members of the scratch teams will have to manage themselves.

The cost per team (regardless of numbers) will be £30.
The cost for individuals (regardless of age) wishing to play in one of the two scratch teams will be £7.

Just to remind team members that they can only play for one organised team. If a player has played for a particular team in one event, then they can not play for a different team at other events. Unless this is a permanent move to the new team of course. I.e. NO TEAM SWAPPING.There’s nothing stopping anyone playing for a scratch team, as long as there is enough room in the team.

It’s up to the individual teams to manage the number of players they have. You can turn up with more than the minimum 5 players and so have reserves if you wish. If you happen to have surplus players and they would like to play in one of the scratch teams instead of your own, then they will need to register before the tournament, like everyone else. The decision of whether to have a replacement player, or two, is entirely up to the individual teams. It will not be possible to swap players between teams on the day. If you loose a player during a game, for one reason or other, then you’ll have to continue with 4 players, unless you have a reserve.

This league is in its infancy, so until someone comes up with a definitive set of rules, then please bare with us. Suggestions are always welcome of course.

By the way, certificates will be awarded at the end of the tournament to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams.

We’ll let you know ASAP if we can lengthen the tournament past 6pm.

This tournament will be run differently to all the other Manchester tournaments and we’ll forward details of these changes to the team captains and all individuals playing in scratch teams before the tournament.

This event will be held at the same venue as usual. That being…

Egerton Park Community Arts College
Egerton Street
M34 3PB

The hall itself is large, perfectly suited for hockey and has a relatively new floor (plastic pedals only). There are shower facilities for the ones that require them.

We’ll supply you with free tea, coffee and soft drinks throughout the afternoon.

For the ones among you without SatNav, here are the Directions:

From junction 24 on the M60, follow the sign for Denton A57 to the second set of lights (sign posted Audenshaw, Arrow Trading Estate) where you turn left. The road then bends to left and then to the right. After this right bend take the first road on your right into Egerton St. We’re 200m on the right, just after the college main building.

Alternatively, join the M67 at junction 24, turn left at the first exit (junction 1A) and Egerton St is the 3rd turning on the left.

Note: please ensure that you use plastic pedals and NOT metal ones.
We’ll be able to do pick-ups and drop-offs from Stockport station if you’re arriving by train. Please contact me before booking your train as the time of pick-up will have to be no later than 11.00am.

If anyone would like to stop over at our place on the Saturday night, then you’re more than welcome to. We are expecting far more than usual this time, so floor space will be at a premium. If you’d like to stop over then it’s essential that you let us know ASAP.

Register you team name or individual name (if playing in a scratch team) to confirm a place in this hockey tournament by emailing me, Steve, at:


We appreciate that many of you are travelling long distances for this tournament, but because of the 6 hour time slot and the number of teams attending, it’s imperative that everyone arrives no later than 11.30am for a 12 noon start. Registration fees will be collected on arrival.

See you all there.

Steve & Stu

Much as we (EMU) might get two teams together I think that it might be better for the league that teams come from distinct clubs i.e. all clubs can have one team to start off with then if there still space let clubs have second teams, otherwise some clubs are likley to miss out which would be a shame and wouldn’t really be in the interests of the league being a success - just a thought


Only a couple of places left. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget - the only way you can play in this tournament is to register beforehand as a team, or as an individual in a scratch team.

If you just turn up on the day, then you unfortunatily won’t get to play, as all the spaces would have been taken. Please remember, we can only cater for so many and it’s on a first come, first served basis.

We are looking into larger facilities for future events at the moment.

Please register by emailing me on:


See you all there.
Steve & Stu :smiley:

We have now decided to limit the number of teams in the tournament to eight. We were hoping to accommodate a ninth team, but realistically speaking we would have struggled to complete all games within the six hours.

We’ve had an excellent response from organised teams, but practically no response from individuals wanting to play in scratch teams. Due to the poor response from individuals, we’ve had to offer places to the organised teams. In fact we’ve had to turn away a couple of teams in addition to that.

Registration for this hockey tournament is now closed. I will be contacting all team captains soon with further details, but for the moment here are the eight confirmed teams.

DUC’s (Denton Unicycle Club)
EMU’s (East Midlands Unicyclists) :sunglasses:
LUNI’s (London Unicyclist)
HUHA’s (Horsham Unicycle Hockey Addicts)

The EMU’s and STOCKTON have sacrificed entering their second teams to give others the opportunity to take part in this tournament. A big Thank you to them for that.

Hopefully, these second teams will get the chance to play in a larger competition we’re looking to organise towards the end of the year. We can’t confirm things for several months yet, but if everything goes to plan, then we’ll be hosting the British Unicycle Hockey Championships in November.

This will be a new venue, with two large halls (each one the size of our present hall) which are adjacent to each other. The facilities are very new and perfectly suited for our hockey. We’ll be able to cater for 12 teams over a six hour period and all teams will get to play 10 games during the afternoon.

Once things are finalised in early June, then I’ll post here, with links to the Webpage. Needless to say, we’re very excited about this one.

Looking forward to seeing you in Manchester in a few weeks time.

Steve & Stu :smiley:

Awesome! Thanks Steve and Stu for organising this. Should be a great tournament! See you all there.


Steve, could you stop organising tournaments for when I’m away :angry: I’m not back until the 11th, any chance you could move it:D

On the bright side, if one of our players is away then the chances of people having to fight for a place on the team is reduced :slight_smile:

OTOH, Steve, timing the tournament to deprive us of our best player really isn’t on :frowning:

That’s usually the case. You should see the team he builds for himself in these so called ‘out of the hat’ tournaments :stuck_out_tongue:

Errrr…no! You’ll have to consult us before you take your next hol - just in case :roll_eyes: .

Don’t book any holidays early November :wink:

Sorry you’ll miss the hockey. I guess we’ll see you at the BUC then.


The ‘British Unicycle Hockey Championships’ sounds great but I have a holiday booked late November so please make it early November :smiley:

Pssst… don’t tell anyone, but if things go to plan, then it’ll be the 10th Nov. :wink:

See you in a couple of weeks.


here’s hoping, thata good weekend for me, only my wedding anniversary. the one before i’d have problems with as expect to be working.

Below is a copy of the email I’ve sent to all team captains.

Dear all,

As you’ll all be aware by now, we’re going to have 8 teams in this event, which means a full afternoon of hockey for all. If you can all arrive no later than 11.30 that would be great, as we will start as soon as possible after that. We’ve always been able to get into the hall before 12 noon.

On arrival, could one member from each team pay the £30 team registration fee to either Stuart, or myself?

All eight teams will be playing each other in the one league, with 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw. Certificates will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Depending on what time we start our first game, we’ll either play 9, or 10 minute games. Because of the number of games we’re fitting in, it’s imperative that we keep to a 2 minute turn-round between games. I cannot stress this enough.

Each of the games will have a nominated referee from one of the other teams. This will be displayed against each of the fixtures (for all to see) and can be any member from that particular team. We appreciate that some of you have not refereed before, or are not too comfy refereeing. If this is the case, then either myself, or others, will buddy you to help you gain experience. The more people that are prepared to ref games, the more it helps us.

If your team have your own bibs or team shirts, then feel free to bring them along. We usually have a selection of bibs for teams to choose from (if the EMU’s help us out as usual).

We’ll be playing with a tennis ball and NOT the pink street hockey ball.

It will be strictly 5-a-side. You can substitute as many times as you wish during the game. The game will not stop for substitutions - just make sure your player comes off before your sub goes on.

Please ensure that all your players are fully aware of the hockey rules. Also make sure that hockey sticks have a rubber bung on the end and that unis have plastic pedals fitted.

To encourage a two minute turn-round between games, we’ll be introducing something new!!
Once a particular game has finished, the ref of that game will start the stop-watch again. The next teams will then have 2 minutes to sort themselves out and get ready to play. After the 2 minutes are up the next ref will drop the ball in the centre to start the new game. It’s obviously a good idea to have all your players on the pitch and ready to play in time!! If both teams are ready before the 2 minutes are up, then the ref can start the game.

Later in the year we’re hoping to organise the British Unicycle Hockey Championships. If everything goes to plan we’ll be using two halls over a six hour period and having 12 teams. For this number of games to get through, it will be imperative that there’s a two minute turn-round. Our March tournament will be a test to see if this idea works. Please make sure that all your players are aware of this two minute turn-round? We need your help to ensure that we get all our games in. Thanks.

I need to know if anyone would like to stop over at our place Saturday evening? Could you please ask all your players if they would like a bed (floor) and to be fed? It really would help us to sort out food if we have an idea of numbers beforehand.

If you have any questions about the hockey, then please ask away?

One other thing - our DUCette’s will be selling hot and cold drinks, cakes and biscuits throughout the afternoon to help raise funds to keep our club afloat. A big thank you to everyone who bought their delicious goodies at the last tournament.

Looking forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks time.
If I think of anything else, I’ll let you know.

Steve & Stu :smiley:

cardiff has enough unicyclists for a hockey team! who are these people? :astonished:
i have been here for 6 years and only know of Nick and a guy up at glamorgan uni (who i cant contact) who ride (obviously gemma and me also).

make yourself known and perhaps we could meet up for rides.



Yesterdays hockey tournament was a HUGE success.

I’ll be posting the results ASAP.

Well, it was the best organised tournament I’ve ever been to. Thanks Steve. When do we get to see the team photos?

That’s not to say that other tournaments haven’t been well organised - without exception, they have been, but the organisers have never had the advantage of knowing in advance who’d be playing!

The enforced 2 minute turnaround worked very well. I hope to see that happening a lot more often in future. And cakes.

All in all a good day, and I think it was worth getting up at 07:00 on a Saturday for.

All being well, I’ll pick the photos up tomorrow evening. The results/team photos will be posted here, either Tuesday or Wednesday evening.