Impact's new frame

I guess some of you have already seen on Facebook, but I have not seen any discussion on… Impact have a new version of the Gravity coming out. They have releasing a few shots of it and given a few details of it’s construction. It should be with us before UNICON.

The frame will be the first production hydroformed unicycle frame with smooth welding; this makes it stiff, light and beautiful. The material will be 6061 T6 aluminium.

Thanks Roger! Any Idea on pricing.

Prices have not been released yet. The final price gets released normally a few weeks before they arrive, so I guess not that far off.


Oof that’s pretty, you 20"ers get all the fun :smiley:

That is sweeeettt. :slight_smile:

Anodize this :roll_eyes:

Sorry, you may not get the result you want when you anodize these frames. Filler welding that gives you the nice smooth look is a different composition to the main tubes and hence will give different resultant colour when anodizing.


The filler welding is always different that the main tubes :wink:

Since the base metal is 6061-T6, there’s a chance they have used welding rods not compatible for anodizing though, the welds could all turn dark colored.

This is the compatible filler weld that is used for the matierial, it will just be a different colour. We had already asked this of the manufacturer, they assure us that this is not possible.

does anyone have an idea of when this will be released? late this month?

A container just arrived at UDC.UK and current Gravity is on sale …

It wont be long. There is more information being released about the new frames. The frame/hub will have 4 bearings, not 2! This will make the frame considerably stiffer and responsive. They are also lighter!

Also today we have had the release of the new 2015 Reagent… It also has a new frame. A lot cleaner design and again with the new bearing housings.

Thanks Roger for all the additional information.

Do you have a close-up pic of the hub and frame too see these 4 bearings in practice ? Does it makes for an interface backward compatible with the ISIS bearing size ?

I will see if I can get a close up for you… it is backwards compatible.

When you buy a frame it will come with the bearings and you only have to fit a 2mm smaller external bearing spacer. It has been tested on all the common ISIS hubs and seams to work fine on all of them so far.

Jeez, the 20-inchers get all the nice stuff, where’s the sweet-looking 29ers :smiley:

What, you want a 29" trials uni? That would be overkill… :smiley:

I’m just saying the 20" uni’s all look sexy, I’d kill for a 29er with that look :smiley: