To the younger riders, (most of you, lol!) these would be way too small too even qualify as real drops, since none were more than maybe the size of a street curb, but to a senior citizen like me, they seemed big enough to be almost life threatening, lol! :stuck_out_tongue: (Listen to the comment at 1:18, haha!) :smiley:

Some 36er cone-hopping at the end.

Very cool. Great job.

Another wonderful video. Thanks again Terry for the inspiration!

Wow, you must have big street curbs. :smiley: Nice Video.

totally badass terry!

one drop around the middle of the vid was awesome, you hucked that with SPEED.

Since those drops are only the height of street curbs, how come you didn’t hop up any? J/K. Good job. It made my back hurt just to watch (my lower back is all messed up today from yesterday’s ride). I’m proud of myself when I roll off a real street curb.

Nice video Terry! You should do a 180 or a big long shifty on those drops:)

Sweeeeet! Good on you mate!

Thanks Sigurd.

Thanks much!

haha, yeah. Thanks.

Appreciate that and I want to go back and really bomb them a lot faster and higher!

I hear ya, my back still hurts!

Well, that’s easier said than done, at least for me. I did manage one small shifty, but I need to work on that.

Thanks much!

The hardest workin’ MUnicycle in the World!!! Terrific ride. Great audience.
Man Terry … you must be skipping chores to get out that much!:smiley:
Hope to get some time in myself soon… Hope.
As always … you inspire me and folks young and old alike.

Thanks Sean! Yeah I do have more free time than I used to, since business has been slower than normal for the last couple of years. So it does give me more time to get out and pursue my MUni passion! Luckily I saved a lot more than I spent! :slight_smile:

i thought this mightve been a new video from yoggi :frowning: haha.

inspiring tho. i wonder if i will still b capable of riding at all by the time i reach ur age

Hard to know since that’s almost 40 years from now! I wonder also if I hadn’t stopped riding in 1968, if I’d be a better rider today, or if I would have totally burned myself out by now, or long ago! :o

It will be very interesting to see if top riders of today, in their teens and early twenties, will still retain their skills into their 40’s, 50’s and beyond. As far as I know, there are no flatland, big street or top trials riders over the age of maybe 35, with the exception of KH.

I think it’s like most other sports; there are the “prime years” where you are at your peak performance levels, and after that it starts to dwindle, no matter how much you train, practice and so on. Mother nature steps in all too soon and always has the last word. I’m doing my best to simply “ignore” her for as long as possible! :slight_smile:

Nice flying there Terry!

haha, thanks Ken! That reminds me of the old Western airlines commercial. To paraphrase: “MUni, the onnnnnly way to fly!” :smiley: