Impact wheelset and kh frames.

Hello everybody!
I ordered an impact wheelset recently, and can’t wait for it to come :smiley:
I was just wondering, I’m considering upgrading my frame, and I like KH but I heard there were problems with the bearing holders being too chunky and rubbing against the hub?
Can anybody tell me the details on this, i suppose i could get the impact frame but i would much prefer to get the KH.

i hope this isnt true, iv got a KH frame and am wanting to get an impact wheelset soon :confused:

if im guessing correctly i think the quote on quote “problem” is that the bearing holders are chunky and therefore there is less room on the cranks for stand on crank tricks

No mexico :slight_smile: It wasnt that, but i do remember that thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure the Impact frame doesn’t fit with KH or nimbus hubs because they have really wide flanges. But as far as I know I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a KH longneck uni with an Impact wheelset. I’ll try to find it just to be sure.


dont worry, its all ok and will work, you just have to file a bit :slight_smile:

No. It works fine without having to file.

A KH wheel on an Impact frame doesn’t work regularly, but you just need to file the frame.

So the problem is that the impact frame doesnt fit on the KH/nimbus wheels, not that the kh frame doesnt fit on the impact wheels?