Impact wheel set

I have a trials wheel that has had very little use.
I find myself less and less likely to use this, so Id be willing to let this go.

The pain is where I am and where this wheel is makes shipping a major pain. (I am in Hong Kong).
Honestly I am not keen on splitting / parting this wheel set out.

so what is it

Hub: Impact CrMO 36 spokes
Cranks: Impact ‘Groovy’ Cranks - 140mm
Pedals: Metal - White
Spokes: Doublebutted 14g
Rim: Wide drilled double skin rim
Tyre: Monty Eagles Claw Trials Tyre - 20" x 2.6"

The wheel has been used for a beginners inept attempt at trials. read no drops at all.
stored inside.
there are some cracks in sidewall of the tyre

I will get this boxed up and get some rough estimates for shipping , but I expect this to be significant
as such I am open to all reasonable offers on the parts

I will try to get some pics of this put up if there is any interest

what does the shipping look like to washington state?