what are your views on the impact seats vs Kh seats? are the Impact seats just as strong?, i see that the cover has kevlar in it but ive seen some pictures where the back, just above the bumper has riped. is this a common problem to the impact seats? Do they have much flex like the KH saddles?, can you get replacment handels and bumpers for them?

What about the frames. are the Impact frames lighter and stronger then the KH ones?. im not to keen on the short neck and if i got a KH i would go for the long neck, ive seen a couple of KH long necks slightly bent on the neck. to me thats kinda strange because there is twice as much metal in there to resist the flex. if i had a impact frame, are the seatposts strong enough to not bend.

Post some pictures of some Impact/KH unis if you like

I think some of the necks would bend because the seat post is cut sooo much that there’s not much of the seat post in the frame.

My seat post is cut just below the Kris Holm sig.

thats what i thought but apparently they were cut just enough to get the seat lower

i have a pic of my seatpost…

I haven’t tried impact but KH does have some really nice products and some new 2010 products coming out:

For seats and frames Kris made a thinner

For frame they are slightly larger on the sides for reinforcement

I talked to Joe on facebook about the gravity frame and he said they walls of the frame are thick so that when you hit a will or any object they won’t break

Also you might want to look a K1 products they’re pretty nice too

sorry idk why i wrote he made the frames thinner when i was talking about the saddles sorry :frowning:

You can check out the thread on the new KH parts too :slight_smile:

The Impact seat is really nice. If you do trials or street it feels amazing.
It is a bit stiffer than the KH as well as slimmer and thinner. In my opinion better for spins, rolls, flips, etc. The KH does have a bit more padding and at first I thought I was going to find the Impact seat a bit uncomfortable, but after a day of getting used to it I actually find it more comfortable. Its nicer to sit on and doesnt rub like the KH seat.

I like the Impact Naomi for long distance riding, racing and Muni. It’s much lower profile, and more comfortable.

The KH seats have a better design with the allen bolts rather than nuts. Otherwise they’re pretty similar…you can always cut down a KH seat, althought it won’t be as good as the Naomi.

Thanks for the info.
i cant do much, but im doing spins and a few rolling gaps like stairs. iv got a nimbus street and am looking to upgrade to a lighter combination without spending alot of money. basicaly im keeping the bottom half (nimbus hub, rim and KH moments) and am thinking to upgrade the top half to KH longneck frame and seatclamp, impact seat and seatpost. im just wanting a strong uni that will last quite a while without replacments.

i would wait until the new KH seat comes out although you probably go with the naomi seat idk its coming out soon id wait

Here’s my seat post

holy shit is it necessary to cut it that short? I mean add a few centimeters a least!

Impact seats are the best. Super thin which is what you want for most unicycle practices. Also with a sanded down UDC CF Base or an Exceed Base (not for sale online?) your set. I have two haha :p.

what are these Exceed bases has any one got any photos. and if you cant get them from any website where could i get one

haha it does the job. I stole the idea from Ben S. in wellington lol

I saw them at EUC09 Summer they were quite pricey (if I remember 99 euros)… pending on skill level though you may not even need the CF base. But Impact saddle is the way to go.

wait stole what idea sorry I’m stupid

Do Impact saddles have a plastic base right? Do you know how much lighter CF bases are than plastic ones?

About the same maybe a bit lighter. The major difference is that CF bases never bend and will always hold their form or snap (hard to do).

Yes plastic is stock on the Naomi.

Never broken a plastic base so how do you change from ones plastic base to a CF base? Also can one order a KH or K1 seat with a CF base? (don’t think so) and if you do switch them does it make your seat a shitty? thanks