IMPACT TEAM 2011 - official video

Here is the new IMPACT TEAM 2011 video

hope you will like it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing video peoplezz! Good editing to Yoggi.:slight_smile:

Yeah… Great video… =)

Lol whys this only got a few comments, I looooooooooooove this video! I’ve watched it like a million times. I think Elias has the best clips in it ;). Song is awesome, fits editing so well. <3 yoggi

Hmm video looks great

It’s because any time you have to navigate away from a page to watch a video, it’s easy to forget to come back and comment. Like I did lol.

Sweet riding.

Great riding by everybody:D Not so the editing:(

I didn’t like how the clips were bouncing around all the time. Also IMO it’d be better to have all the clips of each rider at a time, ie all of Joe’s, then all of Sophia’s, etc.

i liked it a lot but i would have preferred it if everyone had one section not 2.

Awesome stuff!

They were trying to keep the pace and energy up by cutting faster. I think it works for trials and street, but flat doesn’t fit well into 2 second clips. I like to see the whole line in one take.

I’m pretty sure the first section was introducing everyone, then the 2nd section showing mad skills from each rider.

both sections from each rider had great riding