Impact seat + CF seat base = ???

I’m keen to get an impact seat, and I already have a carbon fiber seat base.
Will a base drilled for an 08 KH seat fit the impact seat properly? :thinking:

I run a kh CF base with an impact foam and the KH cover (street fusion 08).

The impact seat bases are the same as the old KH velo bases pre 2010. So it’ll fit no problem.

Thanks, I remember Sophia saying at unicon though that they didn’t quite fit perfectly…
Guess I’ll find out :S the impact cover should be all good with the cf as well?

The only thing is the cover, you need to drill it so that the seatpost bolts are the right distance for the cover holes, if you dont, it’s quite a bit of effort to stretch the cover…

Brandon’s got a cf base with impact. ask him.

I have an axel cf base with impact foam/cover and I love it. :smiley: I didn’t want to force the holes of the cover over the bolt though so I just cable tied it together and it’s working beautifully.

I’ve got impact/CF and also love it, unlike Julia, i forced the holes, I still love it! :slight_smile:

The distance of my holes aren’t that good, so the cover split :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise it works very well :slight_smile:

Wait yours ripped? Where? I was gonna try and force it on but it’s gonna rip then I won’t.

My CF base had sharp edges under it :stuck_out_tongue: It’s hard for me to explain it, sry :o

Edit: Under the base, where you hold it, it ripped.

Oh so your sharp CF cut through the cover? Not the little metal circles in the cover that go over the bolts ripped?

Yep, the base.
It’s about to rip there too, hehe :stuck_out_tongue: The metal circles are easily bent and get sharp by the seatpost. You might cut yourself, if you’re clumbsy like me :stuck_out_tongue: