Impact saddle "Poham Brothers"

I’m looking for an Impact saddle, model wanted is the “Poham Brothers”, compared to Naomi, it has a thicker and softer foam

If you just want the foam can I buy the cover off you :stuck_out_tongue: Been searching for one for a while.

I believe it was the same foam as on my Sinco seat, I have the foam on my freestyle, if you are interested pm me, I am willing to trade it to you if you are interested in just the foam, I could throw in a completely worn out Sinco cover too. (I used that with regular impact foam on my trials, and the thicker foam with a KH freeride cover on my freestyle)

If bouin bouin doesn’t want the sinco cover (assuming it’s the White Sinco cover) I would buy that also as I have been searching for that haha.

I will check this with Roger Davies to know if Poham Brother and Sinco were using the same foam. I will let you know

According to Roger, Sinco and Poham brothers foams are similar ! Can you send photos from the saddle front / rear / side in order I can compare with another Poham Brothers foam I already have on one of my son’s unis ?

So I’m interested to get the foam, I’m not interested by the white cover as I want to fit the thicker foam on a custom silver-red Koxx XTP 24"

I am jealous of your XTP 24 Didier :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine is number 6 over 6 produced, it had a severe life and frame was broken by a friend who was riding street, I made it reweld and now this is my favorite uni for city rides (26" wheel + 114 cranks)

Is your 26" wheel on the XTP 24" frame or does a XTP 26 exist as well?

Frame is 24 for muni but compatible with a 2.1 by 26 road tyre